CSUEU E-NEWS: March 27, 2017

CSUEU E-NEWS: March 27, 2017CSUEU to the CSU Board of Trustees: Honor the Preamble!

CSUEU E-NEWS: March 9, 2017

CSUEU E-NEWS: March 9, 2017Hot news from your bargaining team, and more...

CSUEU E-NEWS: February 23, 2017

CSUEU E-NEWS: February 23, 2017Contract negotiations continue at CSU East Bay next week. Also: as chapters statewide build Contract Action Teams, Peggy Walter of Office of the Chancellor Chapter 313 describes her chapter's successful experience building its team.

CSUEU E-NEWS: February 9, 2017

CSUEU E-NEWS: February 9, 2017Bargaining for the next CSUEU/CSU contract has begun, learn more about your bargaining team members, and more...

Executive Board

Catherine Hutchinson

Jessyka Dalton
Vice President & Chief Steward

Cheryl Peckham

Kellen Smith

Ricky Medrano
BU 5 Representative

Cynthia County
BU 7 Representative

Terri Mansour
BU 9 Representative 

We have the following vacancies:

  • Organizing Chair
  • Steward

If you are interested, please contact Catherine Hutchinson.

Name of Steward Department Location Ext.
Cynthia County Student Affairs Bell Tower - 2560 X2560
Rosario Cuevas Extended University Sage Hall 2117 X8570
Jessyka Dalton Arts & Sciences Support Aliso Hall - 103 X2779
Jonathan Freking Student Systems Sage Hall - 1057 X3671
Sandra Gannon Transportation and Parking Placer Hall X8446
Catherine Hutchinson Biology/Natural Sciences Aliso Hall - 106 X8403
Robert Inglis Transportation and Parking Placer Hall X8432
Terri Mansour Library Broome - 1532 X8931
Ricky Medrano Facilities Services    
Theresa Olivo Fiscal Services Lindero Hall - 1814 X8479
Cheryl Peckham Student Business Services Sage Hall - 143 X3186
Christine Patton Student Business Services Sage Hall - 143 X3717
Bob Ngo Institutional Research University Hall X3635
Jason Robinson Chemistry Aliso Hall - 101 X3534
Leticia Romero Student Business Services Sage Hall - 143 X8533
Kellen Smith Student Systems Sage Hall - 1157 X3157
Evelyn Taylor Library Broome - 1680 X8830

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Use the form below to contact CSEA Membership and verify or update your mailing address. You may also call (866) 763-1452, ext. 300, (916) 326-4300 or email Alternatively, send a letter to:

1108 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Attn: Membership

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CSUEU Chapter 324 members

Know Your Rights!

You have a right to representation!

If you need representation or have questions about your rights, please...


Connect with Chapter 324


Get Involved!

Chapter 324 has a Communications Committee. If you want to be involved in how we communicate with the membership, let us know!

Contact Jessyka Dalton.

Bargaining Unit Updates

BUs 5, 7, & 9 held an IRP workshop in March 2016. A reclassification workshop is coming up. Keep an eye out for the email with date/time/location.

Organizing Updates

We Love our Members!

We are here for YOU! We will always protect your privacy and rights. Do not hesitate to contact us for ANY reason!