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Bargaining 2017 at CSUEB 2/28-3/2/17

The CSUEU bargaining team began three days of negotiations here at the CSUEB campus for a new statewide contract.  The CSUEB Contract Action Team (CAT) hosted action events each day of bargaining to show support of the CSUEU bargaining team.  Day one the CAT members showed support by tabling outside the University Unions.  Day two was our spirited rally at the Agora Stage in front of the University Unions.  Day three we picketed outside the library with faculty and students joining in to show their support!

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The time for bargaining our new contract is here and we are pleased to be hosting negotiations here at East Bay.  Union and CSU negotiators will be on campus next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Let's give them a welcomeand show that we are united and serious about winning a good contract.  This is especially important, as we have learned CSU management intends to make changes to our benefits and layoff language, among other things.

Open this article for full details on the actions we have planed for next week!

CSUEU Bargaining for Your Contract Begins

CSU Seeks Changes in Benefits and Layoffs

Full contract bargaining has kicked off with an exchange of outlines of the union’s and CSU’s respective bargaining proposals. This exchange of initial proposals, known as the “sunshine process”, is required before the parties meet face-to-face at the bargaining table.

The CSU administration’s sunshine proposal seeks to make yet-to-be-disclosed changes to the benefits and layoff sections of the contract, among other proposed adjustments.

CSUEU’s proposals, on the other hand, include increases in the opportunity for employees to progress through their salary ranges while promoting advancement, retention, and equity in the workforce. The union intends to propose other improvements throughout the contract.

CSUEU will stand strong against any attempt to cut to our benefits or changes that would negatively impact our members.

Chapter Officers Elected for 2015-16

Hi everyone! I am pleased to report that chapter elections have completed successfully at Chapter 306.

Election Results

The results of this election are:

  • Chapter President – Diego Campos
  • Vice President – Rosalinda Romero
  • Secretary – Mary  Kendall
  • Treasurer – Peter Greeff
  • Organizing Chair - Monica Abruzzo
  • Unit 2 Representative – Joyce Geipel
  • Unit 5 Representative – Don Moreno
  • Unit 7 Representative – Sylvia Arriola
  • Unit 9 Representative – Mike Walker

Congratulations to the newly elected officers!  Please join me in thanking your new Chapter Executive Board for stepping up to serve CSUEU and the members of Chapter 306.  We look forward to working with you.

Welcome to Chapter 306 East Bay !

Did you know that, on average, CSUEU membership dues are $0.24 per month?

Upcoming Meetings

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - Unit 9 Meeting, 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. in UU-307ABC

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - Concord Campus Meeting

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - General Meeting in the Redwood Grove 12pm-1pm

Thursday, December 7, 2017 - General Meeting in the New Union MPR 12pm-1pm

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