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Union Power Is People Power (last week)
CSUEU Demands Salary Movement! With enthusiastic support from members across the Office of the Chancellor, CSUEU put forth a bold proposal to fix the broken compensation system during the third round of CSUEU/CSU contract negotiations, held in Long Beach yesterday, March 14. “Our proposed Article 20 (Salary) overhaul introduced multiple methods to provide our members with predictable movement through their salary ranges over time,” explains VP for Representation Rocky Sanchez. The union’s proposed compensation program structural reform includes implementation of a quartile system and annual step increases, along with yearly General Salary Increases. Stipends, bonuses, shift differentials, and provisions involving emergency pay and weekend work—all in addition to In-Range Progression—are also proposed. Each one of these changes provides the CSU the opportunity to provide CSUEU employees upward mobility through the salary ranges, whereas in the past they have stagnated in their salaries.   Sanchez adds, “These changes are long overdue in order to fix the current broken system—a system that the CSU itself broke some 20 years ago, when it imposed a dysfunctional last, best offer during stalled contract negotiations.” Capping several days of high-profile ...
CSUEU Board of Directors Agenda, March 18-19, 2017 (2 weeks ago)
CSUEU Board of Directors Agenda March 18-19, 2017 Location The Maya, 700 Queensway Blvd., Long Beach 90802 Nearest Medical Facilities St. Mary Medical Center, 1050 Linden Avenue, LongBeach 908013 – (562) 491-9000 Kaiser Permanente South Bay, 23701 S. Main St.,Carson 90745 – (310) 325-5111 Saturday – March 18, 2017 CSUEU Board of Directors Meeting – Miramar, 2nd Floor, 1 to 5 p.m. BOD Workshop w/PF & Communications on Mission Statement. Time Certain 1 to 3 p.m. (Members present will be allowed to participate with BOD) 1. Pledge of Allegiance Loretta Seva'aetasi 2. Roll Call Dayna ...
CSUEU E-NEWS: March 9, 2017 (2 weeks ago)
Biweekly news digest from the California State University Employees Union If you would like to receive CSUEU E-News directly via e-mail, please sign up at the CSUEU site. HOT NEWS FROM YOUR BARGAINING TEAM HELP WANTED I AM AN IMMIGRANT THESE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENTS WENT ON A SPENDING SPREE CONTEST: IDENTIFY THE CAMPUS TODAY IN HISTORY * * * Hot News from Your Bargaining Team CSU East Bay Chapter 306 President Diego Campos (center) picketing last Thursday as negotiations for a new contract were in progress. For the latest bargaining updates, you can sign up online for text messages or email alerts. Find out how. Read the latest bargaining update, covering last week’s bargaining sessions. See Facebook photo galleries of actions last week in support of the CSUEU bargaining team. Help Wanted You can contribute to CSUEU communications! Your Communications Committee needs volunteers to contribute graphic design services and cartoons, along with serving as “social media ambassadors.” For more information, contact Communications Committee Chair Nancy Kobata. I Am an Immigrant For the next edition of University Employee, the Communications Committee would ...
Management Seeks to Slash Union Rights (2 weeks ago)
CSU’s Message to Its Employees: No Union, No Voice! In the second round of contract negotiations, held at CSU East Bay last week, February 28-March 2, management made one thing clear when it rejected CSUEU’s proposed employee rights-centered preamble to the collective bargaining agreement: They do not want a union, and they do not want us to use our voice! This was also evident in management’s first written proposals: Restricting employees’ and their representatives’ right to present contract violations through the grievance procedure Eliminating from the contract management’s commitment to good faith consideration of grievances Weakening the internal job application process by eliminating preference to employees currently in our bargaining units In cases of rejection during probation, eliminating the appeal process currently in the contract Strangling union stewards’ ability to represent members by requiring them to ask for release time to investigate potential contract violations, thereby domineering and controlling grievance handling Allowing managers to use operational need, potentially deterring a grievant before he or she ever meets with a union representative Limiting union leave, thereby cutting the CSUEU bargaining team to half ...
CSUEU E-NEWS: February 23, 2017 (last month)
Biweekly news digest from the California State University Employees Union If you would like to receive CSUEU E-News directly via e-mail, please sign up at the CSUEU site. NEGOTIATIONS CONTINUE AT CSU EAST BAY NEXT WEEK SIGN UP FOR BARGAINING TEXT ALERTS CHAPTERS STATEWIDE FORM CONTRACT ACTION TEAMS BUILDING OUR NEW CONTRACT ACTION TEAM CONTEST: IDENTIFY THE CAMPUS THIS DAY IN HISTORY * * * Contract Negotiations Continue at East Bay Next Week The CSUEU bargaining team will meet with management next Tuesday through Thursday, February 28 and March 1-2. This second round of contract bargaining sessions will take place at CSU East Bay, where the Chapter 306 Contract Action Team is busy planning actions in support of the CSUEU bargaining team: Tuesday: Bargaining in UU 307ABC – observers are welcome (check in with the CSUEU info table for details before entering) Informational tabling outside the Old and New UU Wednesday: Bargaining in LIB Biella – observers are welcome (check in with the CSUEU info table for details before entering) Rally from noon to 1 p.m. at the Agora Stage – be there or be square! Thursday: Bargaining in LIB Biella – observers are welcome (check in ...
Management Continues to Threaten Retirement Benefits (last month)
The CSUEU bargaining team met with management Tuesday through Thursday, February 14, 15, and 16. Following up on its “sunshine” proposals last month involving Articles 20 and 21, CSU management declared its intention to discuss employee contributions to pre-funding of retirement medical plans and extension of the time required for vesting in retirement medical plans. A potential long-term issue facing public employees, retirement medical plans have been a hot topic at bargaining tables with all state employee groups over the past year. Management also voiced its intention to discuss increases in campus parking fees and mandatory employee contributions to CalPERS pension plans, the latter in the context of the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act (PEPRA). However, management offered zero concrete proposals or details. The CSUEU bargaining team stood strong and asked tough questions regarding each of these topics. CSUEU also proposed an employee rights-centered preamble to the collective bargaining agreement to highlight a mutual commitment to the importance of staff. Among the core values proposed by CSUEU in this document: We believe in the right to a competitive compensation structure with predictable movement ...