Key Committee Approves CSUEU-Priority Legislation

Assembly Appropriations Committee approves CSUEU-sponsored legislation which would add a CSU classified staff employee to the CSU Board of Trustees. Other important legislation also moves forward.

CSUEU E-NEWS: May 26, 2016

CSUEU E-NEWS: May 26, 2016
CSUEU action leads to a state audit of CSU management growth, Gov. Brown's May Revise falls $101 million short, but a budget committee voted today to include $101 million for the CSU, and more!

CSU Employees Union Calls for Full CSU Funding for 2016-17

On behalf of the more than 15,000 California State University staff members we represent, the CSU Employees Union strongly supports the CSU Board of Trustees’ request to the governor and legislature to add $101 million for the CSU to Gov. Brown’s January plan for the 2016-17 state budget.

CSUEU E-NEWS: May 12, 2016

CSUEU E-NEWS: May 12, 2016
CSUEU works for pro-union bills at the Capitol, new steward Rob Cunningham discusses his reasons for becoming a steward, re-issued GOTV poster is now available, and more!

CSUEU Endorses Extension of Prop. 30’s High Income-Tax Provision to Augment Higher Ed Funding

The CSUEU Board of Directors has endorsed a proposed state ballot initiative to extend a higher income tax on upper-income earners, freeing up funds to support public higher education.

CSUEU E-NEWS: April 28, 2016

CSUEU E-NEWS: April 28, 2016
"Me-too" clause provides 3 percent salary boost, new photo galleries depict CSUEU Lobby Day and statewide campus "blitzes," and more!

“Me-Too” Clause Provides a 3 Percent Salary Boost to All during the 2014-17 Contract

“Me-Too” Clause Provides a 3 Percent Salary Boost to All during the 2014-17 Contract
In addition to our already-negotiated 7 percent increase

Survey Results: Open vs. Closed Campus President Searches

Survey Results: Open vs. Closed Campus President Searches
April 20, 2016 -- CSUEU surveyed 1,633 respondents—including 882 CSU staff members—between last December and the beginning of this month, asking if CSU campus presidential searches should be open or closed, and how critical an issue this is. The results show that respondents across the entire CSU community overwhelmingly support an open CSU process for presidential searches.

CSUEU E-NEWS: April 13, 2016

CSUEU E-NEWS: April 13, 2016
CFA has reached a tentative agreement with CSU, yesterday's CSUEU Lobby Day was a huge success, Gov. Brown has signed a historic $15/hr. minimum wage bill, and more!

CFA, CSU Reach Tentative Agreement

April 8 – This morning, the California Faculty Association (CFA) and CSU management jointly announced a tentative agreement (TA) on salary reopener negotiations that had been stalled for many weeks.

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