Take a Stand! rally at CSU East Bay

Take a Stand in four easy steps:

  1. Read and sign the petition.

  2. Get coworkers, students, faculty, family, friends, neighbors and community groups to sign it.

  3. Get groups and organizations to formally endorse the campaign.

  4. Commit to attend the Take a Stand! rally at the Chancellor's Office on May 20th.

Step 1 - The Petition

At a time when student fees are at an all-time high, state funding to the CSU is stagnant at 1998-99 levels, and the state faces a dramatic shortage of well educated workers, we all need to Take a Stand to protect the CSU and the future of California. A coalition of community, student, and labor groups has launched the "Take a Stand!" campaign. CSUEU calls on its members and the entire CSU community to stand up for the CSU, stand up for students, stand up for staff, and stand up for California!

Stand up for students!

For far too long, the CSU has balanced its books on the backs of students. Hiking tuition systemwide reflects an abandonment of the California Master Plan for Higher Education and its promise of free education for all qualified students. Therefore, we urge that:

  • Student tuition be frozen at current levels to ensure that middle-class families can afford college
  • The CSU increase the number of bottleneck courses to match demand
  • The support staff for students and faculty be recognized by the CSU as an integral part of student success and overall CSU graduation rates

Stand up for staff!

An important determinant of student success is experienced, motivated staff. Therefore, we urge that:

  • The CSU enact structures aimed at the retention of skilled, experienced employees
  • The CSU codify and implement workplace protections to ensure employee rights

Stand up for our state!

Even after the passage of Prop. 30, the governor's proposed 2014-15 budget under-funds the CSU's budget request by $95 million. Each dollar of investment in the CSU yields $5.43 of economic activity annually and helps to build a strong middle class. A well educated workforce is vital to California's long-term economic health. Therefore, we urge that:

  • The legislature fully fund CSU's Support Budget proposal, increasing CSU funding by $237 million in 2014-15
  • The CSU adopt strict accountability provisions to ensure that increased funding is used for needed investments in the system's human infrastructure, among other urgent needs

Step 2 - Help collect Take a Stand petition signatures

CSUEU is now circulating a “Take and Stand!” petition to show the CSU Board of Trustees that we are serious about our concerns. Download the petition, print it out, sign it, and have your co-workers, family, friends, and neighbors sign it as well. All members of the public who support higher education and the CSU are encouraged to sign the petition. When you have collected as many signatures as you can, please give it to your chapter leadership. These petitions are being collected at all 24 chapters and will be taken to the next CSU Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach, May 20-21.

Step 3 - Join the campaign!

CSUEU is actively seeking supporters for the Take a Stand! campaign. Student, labor, CSU and higher education groups and supporters, are encouraged to join our struggle for the future of the CSU. Sign up here to join the Take a Stand! campaign.

Step 4 - Join the rally!

The Board of Trustees meeting on May 20th at the Chancellor’s Office is where we’re all going to come together to Take a Stand for students, staff and California. Don’t just sit there and expect someone else to stand up for you. Get on the bus, jump in the carpool, hope on a plane or a train and stand up for yourself at the rally!

CSUEU represented employees - Please submit a vacation request for May 20th today! Our contract specifies that vacation requests should be submitted in writing 30 days in advance. Requests submitted less than 30 days in advance are subject to operational need. Submit the vacation request ASAP. If for some reason you can’t make it, you can always cancel the request. Better to have the request submitted and not be able to go, than to want to go without a request having been submitted.


Download the Petition

Print it out, and ask everyone you know to sign it. When you've collected as many signatures as you can, give it to your CSUEU chapter leadership.

"Take a Stand" Actions

View an April 3 KTVU-TV news report about the CSU East Bay event

View a short video showing the colorful signs at the April 3 rally at CSU East Bay. Speaking is CSUEU Labor Relations Representative Jerrie McIntyre.

Rally at East Bay
Rally at East Bay