Chapter Stewards

The following individuals are certified CSUEU Stewards:


Name Office Phone Off Site E-Mail
Kevin Curtis - Chief Steward 909-537-3530 E-Mail Kevin Curtis
Denise Gipson-Perry 909-537-5098  
Michael Gillespie 909-537-5098 E-Mail Michael Gillespie
Nabeel Alzahran 909-537-7163 E-Mail Nabeel Alzahran
Keith Gers 909-537-3273  
Guy Johnson 909-537-3255  
Annel Martin 909-537-3278 E-Mail Annel Martin
Robie Madrigal 909-537-7709 E-Mail Robie Madrigal
Rich McGee 909-537-7275 E-Mail Rich McGee
Katrina McDowell 909-537-8131 E-Mail Katrina McDowell at PDC
Jan Moore 909-537-3450 E-Mail Jain Moore
Sergio Roldan   E-Mail Sergio Roldan
David Vasilla 909-537-3528 E-Mail David Vasilla
Shontel Zamora 909-537-3916 E-Mail Shontel Zamora

For all matters concerning discipline, please immediately contact the CSUEU labor representative:

Daphne Hawkins - 1-323-472-0042

Click to E-Mail Daphne Hawkins