Bargaining Units Represented by CSUEU

Healthcare Support

Our Bargaining Unit 2 provides health services support to the students on our CSU campuses and has approximately 550 employees. It includes such classifications as registered nurse, nurse practitioner, licensed vocational nurse, medical assistant, pharmacist, health educator, radiologic technician, physical therapist, athletic trainer, speech pathologist, physician’s assistant, and clinical lab scientist.

Bargaining Unit 2 Council Members

NameTitleWork PhoneFax
Tessy Reese
Bargaining Unit 2 Council Chair 619-594-7339
Pam Robertson
Bargaining Unit 2 Council Vice Chair 916-278-6461 916-278-7359
Lisa Bush
At-Large Unit 2 323-343-3305 323-343-3304
Carrie Elliott
At-Large Unit 2 510-366-2767
Rosemary Kellum
At-Large Unit 2 562-985-5853
Debra McGee-Smith
At-Large Unit 2 657-278-2800 657-278-3069
Caitlyn Ratcliffe
At-Large Unit 2 310-243-2661
Edward Romero
At-Large Unit 2 559-278-6719
Mirella Tovar
At-Large Unit 2 818-667-3653

Operations Support

Our Bargaining Unit 5 provides operations support to the students on our CSU campuses and has approximately 1,875 employees. It includes such classifications as custodian, groundsworker, irrigation specialist, gardener, laborer, cook, food service worker, and warehouse worker.

Bargaining Unit 5 Council Members

NameTitleWork PhoneFax
Mike Chavez
Bargaining Unit 5 Council Chair 209-667-3211 209-667-3303
Sergio Roldan
Bargaining Unit 5 Council Vice Chair 909-537-5172
Robert Cunningham
At-Large Unit 5 707-331-4680
Jason Kitzerow
At-Large Unit 5 707-826-3646
Don Moreno
At-Large Unit 5 925/270-7843
Teddy Woods
At-Large Unit 5 559-579-6874

Administrative Support

Our Bargaining Unit 7 provides administrative/clerical support to the students on our CSU campuses and has approximately 5,000 employees. It includes such classifications as administrative support coordinator, payroll technician, stock clerk, parking officer, police dispatcher, buyer, collections representative, account clerk, and graphic specialist.

Bargaining Unit 7 Council Members

NameTitleWork PhoneFax
Carolyn Duckett
Bargaining Unit 7 Council Chair 562-951-8401
Rosa Jones
Bargaining Unit 7 Council Vice Chair 805-756-2935 805-756-7273
Martinique Baker
At-Large Unit 7 916-278-6348
Stacie Marshall
At-Large Unit 7 707/826-4276 707/826-5781
Christine Patton
At-Large Unit 7 805-437-3717 805-437-8900
Tony Spraggins
At-Large Unit 7 818-677-2898
Claudia Tercero
At-Large Unit 7 408/924-1762 408-924-1512

Technical Support

Our Bargaining Unit 9 provides technical support to the students on our CSU campuses and has approximately 7,100 employees. It includes such classifications as information technology consultant, network and server analysts, programmers, administrative analyst/specialist, equipment technician, accountant, instructional support technician, interpreter, real-time captioner, network analyst, research technician, laboratory assistant, performing arts technician, public affairs/communications specialist, library services specialist, and livestock technician.

Bargaining Unit 9 Council Members

NameTitleWork PhoneFax
Rich McGee
Bargaining Unit 9 Council Chair (c) 909-553-7193
Cynthia Perez
Bargaining Unit 9 Council Chair 707-826-5796
Ricardo Uc
Bargaining Unit 9 Council Vice Chair (c) 805-574-4609
Gloria Allen
At-Large Unit 9 707/664-2105 707/664-3710
Martin Brenner
At-Large Unit 9
Ken Jones
At-Large Unit 9 559-278-2906 559-278-6998
Matt Kay
At-Large Unit 9 916-278-5222
Saul Sanchez
At-Large Unit 9 619/594-1558