Bargaining Update - October 20, 2017

Supported by strong statewide solidarity actions by the membership, our CSUEU Bargaining Team wrapped up a two-day bargaining session by letting management know we are not wavering in our demand for a fair contract.

And for the first time during ten months of negotiations, CSU Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Melissa Bard was present at bargaining. She heard directly from our negotiators about the lack of respect that management has shown in offering frontline staff lower salary increases than what management has given themselves and the California Faculty Association.

CSUEU members are the backbone of the institution and our priority is always about providing quality student services. When the CSU invests in frontline service providers, it is investing in our students’ future!

CSUEU members are more than ready to increase the pressure as seen by multiple actions across the CSU campuses this week. See The Bargaining Team did not extend the collective bargaining agreement, which expired at midnight, Oct. 19.

Most terms and conditions of employment remain the same even though the contract is expired, with some minor exceptions. For non-exempt employees, the most noticeable exception is that overtime must be paid for all hours work, and Compensatory Time Off (CTO) cannot be accrued.

Check the union’s website and Facebook as more information is posted regarding what working without a contract means (see FAQs).

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Bargaining Update for Sept. 13, 2017

No future bargaining dates set, CSUEU contract expires Sept. 20.

CAUTION: You should be sitting down as you read this. We have just learned that CSU Trustees next week are expected to give “executives” a better raise than our frontline employees.

Yes, our Bargaining Team is angry and you should be too!

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Want to get involved at your campus? E-mail VP for Organizing Neil Jacklin or Senior Labor Relations Representative Magali Kincaid to learn more.

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"Solidarity Wednesdays" Photo Gallery

In recent years, the bargaining team has asked members to wear their CSUEU t-shirts on Wednesdays in a show of support for the team