Bargaining Update - Sept. 13, 2017

No future bargaining dates set, CSUEU contract expires Sept. 20.

CAUTION: You should be sitting down as you read this. We have just learned that CSU Trustees next week are expected to give “executives” a better raise than our frontline employees.

Yes, our Bargaining Team is angry and you should be too!

We are…Angry that CSU management has failed to provide us important information needed to bargain – a violation of bargaining law. For this, we have filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the Public Employment Relations Board.

We are…Angry that CSU management wants to charge us $66,689.00 for information we requested about vacation accruals – another violation that clearly shows management as acting in bad faith.

We are…Angry that CSU management continues to reject our proposal for Service Salary Increases (SSI) – which would justly reward employees for their proven commitment to service.

We know there’s money

After two more days of bargaining this week (Sept. 11-12), we are no closer to getting a fair contract. The money is there. In fact, the CSU Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet next week and is ready to approve a 2.5% salary increase for executives (campus presidents, the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors). Their offer to us for this fiscal year is less than that. At the same time, they want to remove the language allowing employees to request an In-Range Progression (IRP) and remove our ability to have any movement through the salary ranges!

Stand up, fight back!

The time for action is now! The Board of Trustees meet in Long Beach next week.  While the majority of CSUEU members won’t be at the public meeting - because we will be working and serving our students – we need to find a way to get our voices heard.

Hello, online activism! Watch for an important an email later this week where you can make your voice heard as we collectively call on the CSU to do the right thing and GIVE US A FAIR CONTRACT NOW!!

Sign Me up to Fight for a Fair Contract!


Bargaining Update for Sept. 9, 2017

Bargaining Stalled in San Jose- AGAIN! We had two bargaining sessions with CSU management this week (Sept. 6-7) and it’s pretty clear management at the moment is unprepared – or unwilling – to finalize the remaining big-ticket items that will bring CSUEU members a fair and decent contract.

Read more.

Want to get involved at your campus? E-mail VP for Organizing Neil Jacklin or Senior Labor Relations Representative Magali Kincaid to learn more.

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