About CSUEU Chapters

Campus Map CSUEU has chapters at the 23 California State University campuses plus the Office of the Chancellor in Long Beach, for a total of 24 chapters. Each chapter has its own executive board comprised of such titles as vice-president, treasurer, organizing chair, and secretary.

Chapter presidents are members of the CSU Board of Directors, as are statewide officers and Bargaining Unit Council chairs.

Contact information for each chapter is available online on the chapter directory page, where you can click on the chapter number for details about each chapter. Below is a guide to chapter numbers.

Campus CSUEU Chapter URL
Humboldt Chapter 301 Web Site
Chico Chapter 302 Web Site
Sacramento Chapter 303 Web Site
Sonoma Chapter 304 Web Site
San Francisco Chapter 305 Web Site
East Bay Chapter 306 Web Site
San Jose Chapter 307 Web Site
Stanislaus Chapter 308 Web Site
Fresno Chapter 309 Web Site
Bakersfield Chapter 310 Web Site
Los Angeles Chapter 311 Web Site
Northridge Chapter 312 Web Site
Office of the Chancellor Chapter 313 Web Site
Dominguez Hills Chapter 314 Web Site
Long Beach Chapter 315 Web Site
San Luis Obispo Chapter 316 Web Site
Fullerton Chapter 317 Web Site
San Diego Chapter 318 Web Site
Pomona Chapter 319 Web Site
San Bernardino Chapter 320 Web Site
San Marcos Chapter 321 Web Site
Monterey Bay Chapter 322 Web Site
Calif. Maritime Academy Chapter 323 Web Site
Channel Islands Chapter 324 Web Site