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May 2017 Events

Tuesday 5/9 to Thursday 5/11
Bargaining at the CO!

  • We need observers!  It ONLY takes 15 minutes of your time! Contact Ariel McDaniels (x14305) to participate.

Tuesday, 5/16
CSUEU Chapter 313 General Meeting

  • We will be discussing BARGAINING with our guest, Neil Jacklin, the CSUEU Organizating Chair.  He will share upcoming events and how to support those bargaining for you.
  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm in the Wallace Room
  • Lunch will be provided.  RSVP with Dianna Tavira ( or x14594). Let her know if you'd like a vegetarian meal. 

Tuesday, 5/23
CSUEU Rally for a Raise at the CO!

  • Come join us the day of the BOT!  CSUEU will be out in the South patio rallying for a raise!  Wear, blue, your union shirts, and union pins.

Thursday, 5/25 & Friday, 5/26
Bargaining at the CO!

  • We need observers!  It ONLY takes 15 minutes of your time! Contact Ariel McDaniels ( or x14305) to participate.

Know your Contract

November 9, 2016

In-Range Progression (IRP)‚Äč

An In-Range Progression (IRP) is a salary increase within either a salary range for a single classification or a sub-range of a classification with skill levels. When the campus president, the president’s designee, or appropriate administrator determines that an IRP should occur, the salary shall increase by at least three percent.

Either the employee or the appropriate administrator may submit a request for an IRP review. A management-initiated request may cover more than one employee. An employee-initiated request should be submitted to the appropriate administrator before it goes to Human Resources. If your administrator does not forward the request to HR within 30 days, you can file the request directly.

An IRP may be granted for reasons that include, but are not limited to:

- assigned application of enhanced skill(s)

- retention

- equity

- performance

- out-of-classification work that does not warrant a reclassification

-increased workload

-new lead work or new project coordination functions given to an employee on an on-going basis by an appropriate administrator, when the classification standards do not specifically list lead work as a typical duty or responsibility

-other salary-related criteria

An IRP review shall be completed within 90 days after HR receives the request. If you receive a denial of the request, the campus shall provide a written reason for the denial.

If the IRP was denied solely due to a lack of funds, the application shall be re-evaluated in the following fiscal year upon the employee’s request.

You may submit an IRP request no more than once every 12 months.

The following documents will assist you with your IRP.

IRP Power Point

IRP_CoverLetter Sample

Action Verbs to use in Describing Your Skills

List of verbs describing tasks

In-Range Progression Form

Please click the following links for more informaiton

CO In-Range Progression Guidelines - CSEA Units 7 and 9

A Practical Guide to In-Range Progression



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Chapter Officers

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