CSUSB Chapter 320 Contact Information - Elected Officers





Robert Garcia


Vice President

Annel Martin



Kevin Curtis



Robie Madrigal


Organizing Chair

Denise Gipson- Perry


Chief Steward

Shontel Zamora


Unit 2 Representative



Unit 5 Representative       

Sergio Roldan


Unit 7 Representative

Candice Hrdlicka


Unit 9 Representative

Rich McGee



Labor Relations Representative

Daphne Hawkins


Chapter News

What Bargaining Unit are you?

A brief guide to Units 2, 5, 7 and 9.

CSUSB Chapter 320 Contact Information - Certified Union Stewards

Rob Garcia x75449
Annel Martin x73278
Kevin Curtis x73530
Robie Madrigal x75104
Denise Gipson-Perry x75098
Sergio Roldan x75172
Rich McGee x77275
Cathy Jackson x75172
Catrina Mancha x75096
Jan Moore x73450
Candica Hrdlicka x77403
Rosa Hernandez x75172
Keith Gers x73273
Guy Johnson x73255
Leon McNaught x73474
Robin Heim x75175
Steve Hull x75432
Shontel Zamora x73916

You may call or contact any steward via email. If you don't know who to call, dial (909) 537-7838,the Chapter Office, for assistance. Please do not leave confidential case data on a voice mail line, as campus telephones (and e-mail!) are not secure.  Here's a link to our Contract.


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One Union, One Voice Together We Can Win FACT: Over 10,000 of our members are being paid LESS than market salary for their jobs. FACT: After 4 ...
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Observing the bargaining process first hand was a new and informative experience.  It brought into sharp focus that our contracts are the direct result ...
Bargaining Update - Contract extended through August 4, 2017  (3 weeks ago)
Memorandum of Understanding Contract Extension The California State University Employees Union, CSEA, SEIU Local 2579 (CSUEU) and the Trustees for the California State University (CSU) agree ...
Reminder: “Me Too” Agreement Provides an Additional 2% on June 30, 2017 (3 weeks ago)
The CSUEU 2014 Bargaining Team bargained the "Me Too" in which we will be receiving a 2% increase.  CSUEU-represented employees in active pay status, ...
Breaking News (3 weeks ago)
The CSU Employees Union is sponsoring a state audit of the CSU’s health and safety compliance. Recent events show a disturbing trend that is ...
Bargaining Update - Northridge (3 weeks ago)
The Bargaining Team met from of June 20 through 22 at California State University, Northridge.  The bargaining team passed a number of articles in ...

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