Chapter Elections 2018

Democracy is the cornerstone of our union. As members of CSUEU, we elect the representatives who negotiate our contracts, wages, benefits, hours, and working conditions. They also represent us in the halls of the Capitol and at the Chancellor's Office. They organize on campus and in our communities while managing our finances and running our chapters. Chapter and statewide elections put the members in charge of who will be their representatives and leaders.

CSUEU Chapter Presidents for Term 2018 to 2020




301 – Humboldt

Steve Mottaz


302 – Chico

Jessica Verardi

Acting President pending decision of 302 e-board as elected president Elliott Marshall resigned

303 – Sacramento

Kim Harrington


304 – Sonoma

Gina Voight


305 - San Francisco

Sandee Noda


306 – East Bay

Diego Campos


307 – San Jose

Vera Acevedo


308 – Stanislaus

Renee Giannini


309 – Fresno

Terrance “Terry” Wilson


310 – Bakersfield

Nick Simas


311 – Los Angeles

Ken Castillo


312 – Northridge

Hai-Ling Tang


313 – Office of the Chancellor

Santiago Arceo


314 – Dominguez Hills

Tonya Belcher


315 – Long Beach

Jennifer Moran


316 – San Luis Obispo

Joan Kennedy


317 – Fullerton

Jacqueline Otis


318 – San Diego

Robert Yslas

Acting President pending completion of run-off for BU 5 rep.

319 – Pomona

Hector Maciel


320 – San Bernardino

Robert Garcia


321 – San Marcos

Barb Sainz


322 – Monterey Bay

Cyndi Olvera


323 – Maritime Academy

Andrew Bowling


324 – Channel Islands

Terri Mansour

Position Descriptions

All Chapter Officers must complete steward training within six months of assuming the role. Completion of steward training does not require the officer to serve as a steward.

Chapter President / General Council Delegate

  • Shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board;
  • review work of chapter officers and committees;
  • ensure adherence to duties and responsibilities;
  • represent the chapter in a professional manner;
  • serve on the CSUEU Board of Directors and CSEA General Council;
  • and be familiar with contract language, Chapter Bylaws, CSUEU Policy File, and Roberts’ Rules of Order.

Chapter Vice President

  • Shall act for, and in the place of, the President and serve on the Executive Board.

Chapter Secretary/ Treasurer

  • Provides written records of all Chapter meetings;
  • maintains appropriate accounting for all chapter revenues;
  • and serves on the Executive Board.

Chapter Secretary

  • Provides written records of all Chapter meetings and serves on the Executive Board.

Chapter Treasurer

  • Provides accounting for all chapter revenues and serves on the Executive Board.

Chapter Bargaining Unit Representative (CBUR)

  • Serves on the Executive Board;
  • Serves as primary steward and communications contact for employees in their respective bargaining unit.

Chapter Organizing Chair

  • Identifies and chairs the Chapter Organizing Committee;
  • Develops chapter programs to promote membership recruitment;
  • Coordinate the statewide organizing activities.