Classification Committee

NameTitleChapterWork Phone
Matthew Kay Chair Chapter 303, Sacramento 916-278-5222
Gina Voight Vice Chair Chapter 304, Sonoma 707-664-2357
Jessica Verardi Member Chapter 302, Chico 530/898-5135
Don Moreno Member Chapter 306, East Bay 925/270-7843
Claudia Tercero Member Chapter 307, San Jose 408/924-1762
Dawn McCulley Member Chapter 308, Stanislaus 209-667-3466
Edward Romero Member Chapter 309, Fresno 559-278-6719

Classification Documents


Classification Standards: Class standards are written in a broad and general manner, making it difficult to apply to concrete working situations. You can learn how your campus classifiers interpret the language of the standards by paying attention to your campus job postings, and the results of classification reviews.

Job Merging Presentation

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Charge of the Committee

Responsible for:

  1. Reviewing CSU classification revisions, new or old;
  2. Surveying employees regarding classification needs or impacts;
  3. Coordinating pre-bargaining research efforts among affected classifications in preparation for meet and discuss, and meet and confer sessions relating to classification standards, and/or changes to existing standards; and
  4. Reporting back to the Bargaining Unit Councils in preparation for bargaining and coordinating bargaining unit efforts with the Vice President for Representation.