Legislative Committee

NameTitleLocationWork Phone
Kim Harrington Chair Sacramento (303) 916-278-4010
Catherine Hutchinson Member Channel Islands (324) 805-437-8403
Terrance "Terry" Wilson Member Fresno (309) 559/278-2876
Vicky McLeod Member Fullerton (317) 909-938-0179
Pete Rauch Member San Marcos (321)
Dayna Ramos Staff Assigned HQ (Staff) 916-319-4800 Ext 101
David Balla-Hawkins Staff Assigned HQ (Staff) 916/319-4800 ext. 313

Lobby Day and Related Videos

Budget & Legislative Pamphlets

"The Budget Process," a citizen's guide to the state budget process produced by Senate Publications. (PDF)

"The Legislative Process," a citizen's guide to participation produced by Senate Publications (PDF)


Charge of the Committee

Responsible for:

  • Developing the legislative program for CSUEU;
  • Recommending appropriate legislation to the CSUEU Board to advance its interests;
  • Receiving actions of the CSUEU Board and preparing them in appropriate legislative form;
  • Submitting the affiliate’s legislative agenda to the Association’s Governmental Affairs Committee for action;
  • Monitoring other legislative stances adopted by the Association;
  • Supporting the legislative stance adopted by the Association; and
  • Developing legislative and political action training policy.