Bargaining Update #5 - May 9, 2014

Discussions Include Reform of the Compensation System

The CSUEU bargaining team met with CSU representatives on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 6-7, at San Jose State University.

CSU offered a counter-proposal to CSUEU’s earlier Article 5 (Union Rights) proposal. CSU also made proposals on:

CSUEU made proposals on:

The union also passed further proposals on Article 5.

CSUEU and CSU had discussions on comprehensive reform of the current broken compensation system, centering on various methods that would move each employee through his or her range to specific marks by a given length of time, on top of a general salary increase.

CSUEU made formal proposals calling for reasonable limits to be placed on the contracting out of bargaining unit work. The union shared stories illustrating the uncontrolled, escalating costs associated with the use of outside vendors--in some cases millions above the originally quoted amount. Bargaining team members shared their first-hand experiences of waste and fraud on the part of contractors who have no loyalty to the university.

A key topic in prior sessions has been the importance of employees having current position descriptions, with an emphasis on the problems created when they are outdated. During this week’s sessions, CSU management told the union that it would be too administratively burdensome to require position descriptions to be kept up-to-date. Management’s unwillingness to fulfill one of its fundamental responsibilities is disappointing, but not surprising. The bargaining team will continue to press CSU on this important issue.

The bargaining team would like to thank SJSU Chapter 307 for its strong support, which included a strategically timed general meeting on May 7 and a large “Take a Stand!” rally at noon yesterday, May 8. Bargaining team members and leaders from CSU Stanislaus Chapter 308 joined the spirited rally. View photos of the event.

Future bargaining dates have been scheduled as follows:

  • June 10-12 CSU Dominguez Hills
  • June 23-25 Office of the Chancellor

Stay tuned, stay active, and take a stand!

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