Bargaining Update #6 - June 13, 2014

This Week's Discussions Cover 14 Articles

The CSUEU bargaining team met with CSU management on the CSU Dominguez Hills campus on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 10-11.  

The union and CSU traded 16 new written formal proposals, including changes to the following articles:

•    Article 3 -- Management Rights
•    Article 4 -- Effect of Agreement
•    Article 5 -- Union Rights
•    Article 7 -- Grievance Procedure
•    Article 8 -- Complaint Procedure
•    Article 9 -- Employee Status 
•    Article 10 -- Employee Performance
•    Article 12 -- Corrective Action (one proposal per side)
•    Article 14 -- Vacations and Holidays
•    Article 17 -- Assignment / Reassignment
•    Article 18 -- Hours of Work
•    Article 19 -- Overtime (one proposal per side)
•    Article 25 -- Non-Discrimination
•    Article 26 -- Cruise Employees

Both sides have discussed comprehensive reforms of the current broken compensation system, centering on various methods that would move each employee through his or her range to specific marks by a given length of time, on top of a general salary increase. Disappointingly, the CSU has not yet been forthcoming with its position on such reforms.

CSU management informed us on June 5 that it was unavailable to meet on June 12, a date that had been previously scheduled and agreed to by both parties. The bargaining team finds management’s incessant last-minute changes frustrating. The team reminded CSU negotiators of their obligation to deal with us in a respectful, courteous, and professional manner.

Equally maddening is management’s continuing insistence on a quid pro quo—giving up something to gain something. The bargaining team’s position: we have already given up a great deal over the past eight years, and now it’s time for us to get a little back.

Future contract negotiations are scheduled for June 23 through 25 at the Office of the Chancellor in Long Beach. If an agreement isn’t reached before June 30, when the current CSUEU/CSU contract expires, negotiations will resume on July 17-18, 23-25, and 30-August 1 at locations to be determined.

The team extends big thank you to CSU Dominguez Hills Chapter 314 for hosting a chapter meeting with us on Tuesday as well as a barbecue and separate bargaining unit meetings on Wednesday. Members who “Take a Stand” truly make a big difference. Stay tuned, stay active, and take a stand!

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