CSUEU E-NEWS: July 10, 2014

CSUEU launches Solidarity Wednesdays, you're invited to take a survey on CSU staff retention, and more...

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Show Your CSUEU Colors on Solidarity Wednesdays

Contract negotiations continue this month, with various salary options on the table. So far this year, we’ve found many ways to show our support for the CSUEU bargaining team, and beginning yesterday we launched a new initiative: CSUEU Solidarity Wednesdays.

Every Wednesday, at every chapter, we’re showing solidarity by wearing CSUEU apparel (preferably our blue CSUEU “Take a Stand” t-shirts). If you don’t have something to wear that has CSUEU on it, you can accessorize with a CSUEU button or sticker. We’re going to do this every Wednesday until we get a fair contract. This kind of visibility shows a united front and lets administrators know how many of us there are on campus. We’re not just faceless worker bees. More importantly, it’s a sign that we’re taking a stand together. If you need a shirt, button, or sticker, please contact your chapter president. 

This initiative started yesterday, July 9, and chapters across the state really got into the spirit, as evidenced by this fun photo gallery of participants at CSU Monterey Bay Chapter 322. Click on the thumbnails to see the full photos. 

This past spring, we collected over 15,000 petitions in support of students, staff, and the CSU. During bargaining, members testified about the bullying they have experienced, confronting the bully enablers face-to-face. Dozens have observed bargaining, and hundreds have rallied at every campus bargaining site as well as the CSU Board of Trustees meeting last May. We sent our personal stories to the CSU’s bargaining team, and they heard us loud and clear. 

All these actions have had a significant impact at the bargaining table. If we want to increase the results, now is the time to increase the pressure. This is our best chance at getting a fair shake this time around. Every CSUEU member needs to be involved in the fight for OUR fair contract and for fair raises. If all 15,000 represented employees up and down the state are united in cause and action, there’s nothing that can stop us. 

Negotiations will resume on July 17-18 at CSU Northridge, followed by July 23-25 and July 30-August 1 at locations to be determined. Stay tuned, and “Take a Stand!”

Take the Survey on CSU Staff Retention
By Tammara Sherman, student, Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, Fresno State

Now more than ever, with baby boomers retiring and qualified workers in short supply, it is important to understand the reasons CSU staff members stay with their universities. When employees leave the CSU, campuses lose institutional memory and valuable knowledge. Workloads increase for the remaining workers, as do costs to the CSU for recruitment and hiring.  

In an effort to understand the reasons people stay with or leave the CSU, I am researching the retention of CSU staff employees. This research could help to support union efforts and other employee decisions in the future.    

By participating in this study, you will be included in a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Your participation is purely voluntary, and all information will be kept confidential. The survey will only take 5-10 minutes of your time. If you are willing to participate in this critical research and help me complete my degree requirements, please click the following link: 

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Know Your Contract: Vacation

As outlined in Article 14 of the CSUEU/CSU contract, all staff employees are eligible for paid vacation. The amount of vacation for full-time service starts at 6.6 hours per month and increases as service requirements are fulfilled. 

There are limits to the amount of vacation credit you can hold on the books. Ten years of service equates to 272 working hours, and more than ten years of service equates to 384 working hours. When your vacation carryover limit is reached, accumulation in excess of this amount as of January 1 of each year shall be forfeited by the employee. There are exceptions to the carryover limits; review the contract for details.  

A vacation request shall be made in writing to your appropriate administrator at least 30 days in advance. If you submit a vacation request for five days or less with less than 30 days’ notice, the approval is subject to operational needs. Your appropriate administrator shall respond to a vacation request as soon as possible. Once a vacation request is approved, it cannot be rescinded without mutual consent of the appropriate administrator and you, except in cases of emergency as determined by the appropriate administrator.

When your vacation request conflicts with another employee’s request, the appropriate administrator shall give consideration to the employee with the most seniority, provided operational needs are met.  

California Has World’s Eighth-Largest Economy
California’s economy has overtaken Russia and Italy, with the state now ranked as the world’s eighth-largest economy.

The state’s $2.2 trillion gross domestic product in 2013 put California slightly ahead of Russia and Italy and just behind the No. 7 economy, Brazil. The rankings were calculated in a new report from the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy (PDF) in Palo Alto and based on annual statistics from the World Bank.

Because of slow growth in Europe, California could close in on No. 5 France and No. 6 United Kingdom in the 2014 rankings. 

The latest results offer evidence that California is hitting its stride after years of economic turmoil. California’s economy grew by 2 percent last year, compared to the U.S. average of 1.8 percent.

Contest: Identify the Campus

In selected editions of E-News, we’ve been showing photographs of different campuses and have invited readers to identify each campus.

The photo in the June 26 edition depicted a framed mural on the CSU Monterey Bay campus. Titled “Point Lobos,” for many years it hung in the enlisted men’s club on Fort Ord, Stilwell Hall. It was painted by the daughter of “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell, the commanding officer of Fort Ord in the 1940s. Once Stilwell Hall started to deteriorate, the mural was removed, restored, and loaned to CSU Monterey Bay, where it now hangs in the lobby of University Center as a reminder of CSUMB’s legacy as a former Army base.  

Winners this week are:

  • Kathleen Bruno, San Francisco State Chapter 305
  • Susan Berg and Herschel Juinio, San Jose State Chapter 307
  • Lily Legarda and Glenn Alejandro, CSU Northridge Chapter 312
  • Susan Baur, Office of the Chancellor Chapter 313

Congratulations to all!

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