Gov. Brown To Present His 2017-18 Budget by Jan. 10

Gov. Brown is scheduled to present his proposed 2017-18 state budget no later than Tuesday, January 10. Hidden in all the statistics will be the governor's proposed allocation to the CSU system. Will he fulfill the CSU Board of Trustees' request for full funding, as he did two years ago, or, if not, how big will the gap be?

Late last year, the trustees requested $343.7 million in new resources for 2017-18 above the base budget. The governor's administration has indicated a preliminary plan to increase the CSU's annual allocation in 2017-18 by $157.2 million, fully $186.5 million less than the board's request. It remains to be seen whether Gov. Brown will choose to fill some or all of that difference in his propoal next week.

The trustees have gone on record as committed to taking tuition increases off the table if the CSU receives full funding, an indication of the wide-ranging ramifications of full funding.

The California Budget & Policy Center has just produced "Dollars and Democracy: A Guide to the State Budget Process," (PDF) a fact-filled, 49-page compendium covering every aspect of the annual budget cycle. Read pp. 38 and 39 for the budget timeline, beginning with Gov. Brown's presentation.

Stay tuned here for coverage of the governor's budget next week.

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