CSUEU E-NEWS: February 23, 2017

Contract negotiations continue at CSU East Bay next week. Also: as chapters statewide build Contract Action Teams, Peggy Walter of Office of the Chancellor Chapter 313 describes her chapter's successful experience building its team.

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Contract Negotiations Continue at East Bay Next Week

The CSUEU bargaining team will meet with management next Tuesday through Thursday, February 28 and March 1-2. This second round of contract bargaining sessions will take place at CSU East Bay, where the Chapter 306 Contract Action Team is busy planning actions in support of the CSUEU bargaining team:

Bargaining in UU 307ABC – observers are welcome (check in with the CSUEU info table for details before entering)
Informational tabling outside the Old and New UU

Bargaining in LIB Biella – observers are welcome (check in with the CSUEU info table for details before entering)
Rally from noon to 1 p.m. at the Agora Stage – be there or be square!

Bargaining in LIB Biella – observers are welcome (check in with the CSUEU info table for details before entering)
Informational picket in front of the Library, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

To get involved, contact Chapter 306 Contract Action Team Leader Rosie Romero.

Visit the recently launched contract campaign web page.
View a colorful Facebook photo gallery of members describing “A Fair Contract.”

Sign Up for Bargaining Text Alerts

It’s vital to stay informed as bargaining progresses! You can receive bargaining updates via text message or directly to your e-mail inbox. Text the word CSUEU to 787753 from your phone or sign up online to get breaking negotiation updates:

Support your bargaining team and stay active!

Chapters Statewide Form Contract Action Teams

As evidenced by the recent positive experience at Chapter 313 described in Peggy Walter’s article below, CSUEU chapters across the state are successfully forming Contract Action Teams in support of the CSUEU bargaining team.

VP for Organizing
Neil Jacklin

“To win a contract we can all be proud of, we need to include and engage our strongest weapon, our members,” says VP for Organizing Neil Jacklin. “One of the most effective ways of reaching out to all members during this crucial time of contract negotiations is through chapter Contract Action Teams.”

A Contract Action Team, or CAT, is a group of activists who help plan and execute actions on their campus in support of the CSUEU bargaining team. Typically comprised of members who aren’t already on the chapter executive board, they’re responsible for creative, consistent communication with their chapter’s members as well as staff, faculty, students, and other campus allies.

Contact your chapter president if you’re interested in helping out your local CAT, and keep up the good work, CATs across the state!

View a Facebook gallery of CAT training at CSU East Bay on Thursday, February 16.

Building Our New Contract Action Team
By Office of the Chancellor Chapter 313 Treasurer Peggy Walter

Peggy Walter

Score one for our Contract Action Team! We’ve had great success creating our team and developing bargaining support activities over the past few weeks.

We got the ball rolling during a Chapter 313 meeting late last year, when we recruited participants by explaining the Contract Action Team (CAT) concept and asking members to support the CSUEU bargaining team. More than 20 members signed up on the spot!

An informational/training meeting followed a few weeks later. Soon after, the bargaining team notified us that the first bargaining sessions would be held here at the Office of the Chancellor from February 14 to 16.

After some quick brainstorming with Ariel McDaniels, our CAT leader, our plan was set. We asked all Chapter 313 members to wear blue and any CSUEU buttons, pins, hats, and shirts on February 15 to show our support. Then we planned a two-hour tabling event in the Office of the Chancellor lobby for the same day, making sure that both a CAT member and a chapter executive board member were paired to assist for 30-minute periods each.

We solicited CAT team members via e-mail bulletin and also contacted each of them individually. We had a great response, with several CAT members assisting at the table during peak shifts. Many brought their friends from work, and we actually recruited some new CAT members!

The one-on-one outreach to our members made a huge difference in participation. After all, people need to feel needed and appreciated. Lesson learned!

Our Chapter 313 members realized that it doesn’t take a lot of effort, and no special talents are necessary. All they need to do is show up to make an impact and support bargaining! 

View a Facebook gallery of February 15 photos.

Contest: Identify the Campus

In selected editions of CSUEU E-News, we've been showing photographs of different campuses and have invited readers to identify the campus.

The photo in the February 9 edition depicted the new indoor beach volleyball court at California State University Maritime Academy.

Recently retired CSU Maritime Chapter 323 President Chuck Constantine recalls, “This was originally the indoor swimming pool in the Mayo Hall gym, which was one of the first three permanent buildings that opened in 1955/56, long before the Maritime Academy became affiliated with the CSU. The gym was closed down three years ago, when the new Physical Education and Aquatic Center was opened, and its pool was filled with sand last year, with the intent of using it for a volleyball court. However, that sand was too hard, and a foot or so had to be removed and replaced with beach sand so the kids could use it for what it was intended for.”

The three winners this week:

  • Petra Nebel, CSU Stanislaus Chapter 308
  • Glenn Alejandro and Lily Legarda, CSU Northridge Chapter 312

Congratulations to all!

This Day in History

March 8, 1908: Thousands of New York needle trades workers demonstrated for higher wages, shorter workdays, and end to child labor. This demonstration was the inspiration for National Women’s Day, founded in 1909, and International Women’s Day, which was founded in 1975 and will be celebrated this coming Wednesday, March 8. Inspired by the massive worldwide women’s marches last January 21, a call has gone out for this year’s Women’s Day to include actions nationwide. Details:

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