Management Seeks to Slash Union Rights

BARGAINING UPDATE #3 - March 7, 2017

CSU’s Message to Its Employees: No Union, No Voice!

In the second round of contract negotiations, held at CSU East Bay last week, February 28-March 2, management made one thing clear when it rejected CSUEU’s proposed employee rights-centered preamble to the collective bargaining agreement:

They do not want a union, and they do not want us to use our voice!

This was also evident in management’s first written proposals:

  • Restricting employees’ and their representatives’ right to present contract violations through the grievance procedure
  • Eliminating from the contract management’s commitment to good faith consideration of grievances
  • Weakening the internal job application process by eliminating preference to employees currently in our bargaining units
  • In cases of rejection during probation, eliminating the appeal process currently in the contract
  • Strangling union stewards’ ability to represent members by requiring them to ask for release time to investigate potential contract violations, thereby domineering and controlling grievance handling
  • Allowing managers to use operational need, potentially deterring a grievant before he or she ever meets with a union representative
  • Limiting union leave, thereby cutting the CSUEU bargaining team to half its current size and limiting the union’s ability to present issues from across the system
  • Eliminating classification review decision appeals and doubling the current time frame to submit a new request

For its part, the CSUEU bargaining team proposed many progressive advances—at times with CSU East Bay members outside the meeting room windows loudly chanting their support of their team. CSUEU’s proposals included:

  • Increasing leave accruals with parity of other groups
  • Reducing restrictions on vacation requests to allow for emergencies
  • Eliminating requirements to a forced use of earned leave when the campus is closed
  • Increasing vacation caps
  • Adding the ability for employees to cash out a portion of their vacation time once per year

Additional proposals dealt specifically with performance evaluations:

  • Increasing management accountability in writing performance evaluations
  • Increasing the time allowed for employee review of draft evaluations from 5 to 10 days
  • Requiring early warning discussion of performance issues as they arise, prior to the annual performance evaluation

The CSU East Bay Chapter 306 Contract Action Team (CAT) was loud and proud through all three days of negotiations on their campus. Led by CAT Leader Rosie Romero, team members showed their union power with a spirited employee rally at the Agora stage on Wednesday featuring guest speakers CSUEU President Pat Gantt, VP for Representation Rocky Sanchez, VP for Organizing Neil Jacklin, Bargaining Unit 9 Council Chair Rich McGee, Chapter 306 President Diego Campos, and former VP for Representation Russell Kilday-Hicks.

On Monday evening, the chapter team hosted a lively poster party for members to stop by for dinner and make their own picket signs. Team members tabled throughout the lunch hour on Tuesday and Wednesday, then picketed, marched, and chanted on Thursday, rattling the negotiation room windows as well as management’s nerves!

Marie Kemper, one of several members who observed the bargaining sessions, said, “The informal picket by CSU East Bay employees was perfectly timed. It was difficult not to notice the impact it had on the management team. Kudos to my colleagues for a job well done! You made your voices heard!”

Over the three days of actions, Chapter 306 proved the effectiveness of CAT teams by engaging scores of members to observe bargaining, participate in the Wednesday rally and Thursday picketing, and drop by union tables on their lunch hour to show their support and sign petitions.

How can you get involved with the CAT team on your campus? Contact your chapter president.

Photos of bargaining activities are available on the CSUEU Facebook page. You can learn more about the members of the CSUEU bargaining team by visiting CSUEU’s contract campaign page at

The next bargaining sessions are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, March 13-14, at the Office of the Chancellor, followed by Wednesday through Friday, April 5-7 at San Jose State.

“Management’s proposed takeaways pose a dire threat to all our members,” said CSUEU VP for Representation Rocky Sanchez. “We need every CSUEU-represented employee to get involved to fight for our rights. Remember, together we truly have ‘One Union, One Voice!’”

It’s vital to stay informed as bargaining progresses! You can receive bargaining updates via text message or directly to your e-mail inbox. Text the word CSUEU to 787753 from your phone or sign up online to get breaking negotiation updates.

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