Union Power Is People Power

BARGAINING UPDATE #4 - March 15, 2017

CSUEU Demands Salary Movement!

With enthusiastic support from members across the Office of the Chancellor, CSUEU put forth a bold proposal to fix the broken compensation system during the third round of CSUEU/CSU contract negotiations, held in Long Beach yesterday, March 14.

“Our proposed Article 20 (Salary) overhaul introduced multiple methods to provide our members with predictable movement through their salary ranges over time,” explains VP for Representation Rocky Sanchez.

The union’s proposed compensation program structural reform includes implementation of a quartile system and annual step increases, along with yearly General Salary Increases. Stipends, bonuses, shift differentials, and provisions involving emergency pay and weekend work—all in addition to In-Range Progression—are also proposed. Each one of these changes provides the CSU the opportunity to provide CSUEU employees upward mobility through the salary ranges, whereas in the past they have stagnated in their salaries.
Sanchez adds, “These changes are long overdue in order to fix the current broken system—a system that the CSU itself broke some 20 years ago, when it imposed a dysfunctional last, best offer during stalled contract negotiations.”

Capping several days of high-profile activities, the Chapter 313 Contract Action Team (CAT) outdid itself by bringing more than two dozen CSUEU-represented employees at the Office of the Chancellor into the negotiation room to serve as observers. Ultimately some 50 union members from across the state filled the room throughout the bargaining session.

As the session was about to begin and observers waited for CSU negotiators to arrive, the buzz was electric. Members beamed with pride while waving CSUEU flags and wearing buttons, stickers, or shirts in solidarity. They gave true meaning to Union Power is People Power!

In union spirit, during introductions all members of the union bargaining team re-asserted their commitment to union values by invoking different tenets of the CSUEU-proposed preamble to the contract that management had previously rejected in its entirety.

Observers were stone silent during the proceedings, but the room broke out in a roar after management left, all in support of the bargaining team and the great job it had done.

Chapter 313 member later Josie Segura Matheiu commented, “We had an amazing and inspiring turnout at the Office of the Chancellor today! So many of our co-workers showed up to observe contract negotiations and stand together as One Union, One Voice to protect our benefits, salary, healthcare, and pensions!”

In discussions after the session, some members expressed surprise to see their CSU Human Resources representatives sitting on the management side of the negotiating table, which led to an informative exchange about management vs. classified staff roles and responsibilities.

Leading up to the session, the CAT team talked with members to discuss the importance and impact each union member can make to the bargaining process. The team also tabled, leafleted, wore CSUEU blue, and posted handwritten “Fair Contract” signs in hallways leading to the negotiation room.

Read an article by Peggy Walter about steps that Chapter 313 has taken to build a strong Contract Action Team.

How can you get involved with the CAT team on your campus? Contact your chapter president.

Photos of bargaining activities are available on the CSUEU Facebook page. You can learn more about the members of the CSUEU bargaining team by visiting CSUEU’s contract campaign page at

The next bargaining sessions are scheduled for Wednesday through Friday, April 5-7, at San Jose State, when management is expected to respond to yesterday’s Article 20 proposal. The subsequent sessions are set for Tuesday through Thursday, April 12-15 at Cal State L.A.

It’s vital to stay informed as bargaining progresses! You can receive bargaining updates via text message or directly to your e-mail inbox. Text the word CSUEU to 787753 from your phone or sign up online to get breaking negotiation updates.

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