Value Us - Promote From Within

Bargaining Update #5 - April 20, 2017.

Article 9 - Employee Status

The CSU is attempting to restrict and devalue our members consideration for promotion and in class progression, as well as eliminating the appeals process and maintains that employees must still serve a probationary period after a reclassification even though the basis for the reclassification was actually performing the duties.

CSUEU is committed to providing a mechanism for our employees to apply and be considered for promotions and to have years of service as a consideration.

Article 10 - Performance Evaluations

The CSU wants to decrease the number of evaluations for probationary employees and they want to be able to complete an unlimited of evaluations for long term employees. They refuse to provide the metrics to be used for the evaluation process.

Article 14 - Leave 

The CSU rejected our proposal for parity to increase leave time for our employees with others on campus such as Confidential and MPP (Managers) employees saying that it would cost the system too much money to bring our employees to an equal status.  They also rejected our proposal to provide a mechanism for "cash out" when leave time accruals were at or near the maximum.

We proposed that the campuses provide leave balance information to employees and this was denied due this being a heavy burden on the Human Resources Departments.

Article 17 - Assignment and Reassignment

The CSU maintains its position that all employees must apply for and provide proof that they have the desired qualification and skills to fill vacancies, plus they will have to serve a new probationary period. This would also mean that for employees requesting a lateral move would also have to serve a new probationary period. 

The CSU wants to implement a 24 month period for employees to request a position review stating that it is too much work for management to do them more often. In our current contract it is 12 months and CSU does not believe that a position can change in a 12 month period.

Article 26 - Cruise Employees (Maritime only)

Right now there is no provision for any other employees on cruise ships other than the galley (food service workers) even though there is a nurse practitioners, and one IT worker that are required to be on call 24/7 during the cruise.

Our next bargaining will be on the campus of California State University, Northridge on April 25, 26 and 27th.