CSUEU E-News: May 31, 2017

Members turn out strong to support Bargaining

News digest from the California State University Employees Union

Members Show Union Support Bargaining
Member Interview – Adrienne Durso
CSUEU finds Sponsors for Health and Safety Audit
This Week in Labor History
CONTEST: Solidarity – Show your blue!


Members Show Union Support Bargaining

Around the state, members turned out in support of our Bargaining Team!  Over 175 members took vacation time to show up at the Chancellor’s office in support of Bargaining while many of the Northern Chapters had Solidarity Breaks.  Many of those attending mentioned that the noise level was “deafening” and could be heard in the meeting.  From the CO’s team in response to our proposals - No response – we’re working on it.  #CluelessCSU

Read the LA times coverage here:

First timer attends Rally at Chancellor’s office – Interview with Adrienne Durso

If you ever have the opportunity to take a vacation day to attend one of our union rallies, I highly recommend it!  There’s nothing better than being with a group of like-minded people, putting their time and efforts into making our voices heard.  You get to meet wonderful, kind, hard-working colleagues from other campuses and you come to realize quickly that they all face the same issues we do in the workplace.  There is strength in numbers, and our voices were loud and strong.  We are quite sure those who attended the meeting inside the Chancellor’s Office won’t soon forget that we all made this incredible effort to make our voices heard.  All of those who attend these rallies do it for all of us.  We had a wonderful day and you were well-represented in Long Beach.  Thank you, Pete, for getting us all there and back.  It was a wonderful opportunity.

CSUEU Leg Committee finds sponsors to investigate CSU violations of  Workplace Safety Violations

Four state legislators have agreed to author CSUEU’s sponsored request of a state audit to investigate the CSU’s non-compliance with health and safety guidelines. A comprehensive state audit is needed to determine the full extent of hazardous conditions on CSU campuses and counter the CSU’s lack of transparency – and the failure of the CSU to properly oversee, monitor and regulate procedures – that are adversely compromising the health and safety of CSU employees and students.  The state audit request will be heard by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee for final action in late June.

This Week in Labor History

Animators working for Walt Disney begin what was to become a successful 5-week strike for recognition of their union, the Screen Cartoonists' Guild. The animated feature Dumbo was being created at the time and, according to Wikipedia, a number of strikers are caricatured in the feature as clowns who go to "hit the big boss for a raise" - 1941

Solidarity Contest!


Show your “blue” and upload your best solidarity photo to the Activist.  Winner will receive a CSUEU goodie basket!  Finalist will be chosen at July Board of Directors meeting.