Bearing Witness – First Impression of Bargaining

Michael Andrens (Unit 7 – Administrative Support Assistant) attended his first ever union bargaining session at CSU Northridge.  Here are his impressions:

Observing the bargaining process first hand was a new and informative experience.  It brought into sharp focus that our contracts are the direct result of a great deal of time, teamwork, and careful negotiations by the Bargaining Team.  Every article is discussed in extreme detail and carefully refined in an attempt to negotiate a contract that speaks to the diverse needs of CSU employees in all represented units.  I was so impressed and proud of the organization and calm resolve of our CSUEU representatives, even when met with resistance.  I was particularly impressed by how well Senior Labor Representative Joseph Jelincic handled the uncompromising, and sometimes aggressive behavior of the CSU negotiators.  I strongly encourage every CSUEU member to participate in this transparent process and bear witness to our union actively working on our behalf.  – Michael Andrens, CSUN BU7