Bonus Request - One Union, One Voice

Rosie Romero - Steward, Cal State East Bay
Andrew Heller - Labor Relations Representative, CSUEU

One Union, One Voice

Together We Can Win

FACT: Over 10,000 of our members are being paid LESS than market salary for their jobs.

FACT: After 4 months of bargaining, The Chancellor’s office finally passed a salary proposal that only offered minimal increases to our employees over the next 3 years.

FACT: This proposal also called for a yearly increase in parking fees, and increasing the vesting from 5 to 10 years for retiree’s health care.

FACT: The proposal from the CSU removed all of the criteria for requesting an in range progression from eight reasons to two reasons– ONLY lead and out of class work.

FACT: We have proposed generous salary increases and new proposals for employees to see regular salary increases so we can move through the salary ranges.

FACT: We have prepared over 10,000 bonus requests on underpaid employees that will be handed to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees.

FACT: We are prepared to fight to win!


  • Wear your Union shirts on weekly solidarity days
  • Request in range progressions through the established processes,
  • Volunteer to work with the union
  • Know that we are all in this together.
  • Together we stand, divided we beg.

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