Julie Dobbel's Story

Meet Julie Dobbel from CSU East Bay

I want to share my story, as someone who has worked 2+ jobs outside of working here at CSUEB since 2009.

When I began as a Medical Assistant here in 2005, I thought my wage was decent for the job I was doing. I have been told, "get a state job, it's secure with good benefits". Then we went through the pay drought and in 2009 I had to pick up a second job to help pay my bills. So I was then working 55 hours a week to maintain a decent living wage here in the Bay Area. In 2015, I've now worked at CSUEB for 10 years, with no real increase in wages. I went through the Furloughs and other stents of pay drought while the cost of living has increased dramatically in the area.

So, I went back to school to become a Certified Massage Therapist. While I have decreased my hours to 20 hours a week to maintain my benefits, I'm still working 50+ hours a week to survive here in the Bay Area. Something needs to be done. After 12 years of service, I feel underappreciated. I work 30 hours a week as a Certified Massage Therapist at Hand and Stone in Alameda, CA. During the school year I work 6 hours/1 days a week as a contract employee at Recreation and Wellness on the CSUEB campus as well as a part-time 20hr/week, as a Medical Assistant here at CSUEB.

Yes, I've made these choices, but I'm not the only employee here who works more than one job.