CSUEU E-News: August 20, 2017

A lot has happened over the summer while some of us enjoyed vacations and alternate work hours. You may already feel inundated with official campus news and perhaps you are still figuring out where to display your favorite summer selfie!


Our contract has been extended until August 31 and we still have a long way to go!  Our priorities include a way for members to move through the ranges, decent salary increases and no increase in the amount you pay for health care and benefits. 

California State AuditorCSU AUDIT

We asked for it, and we got it!
State legislators are holding a special hearing on Wednesday 8/23  that will focus on troubling findings from an April audit that showed a lack of accountability in how the CSU manages its campus budgets. Goes without saying ... What management does with public funds has a direct impact on what's available for investment in students and staff. Our member leaders will be there to offer public testimony. Support them on Facebook: (Read more) >>