CSUEU E-News: October 9, 2017

CFA Settlement – “Me Too” clause not invoked

CFA California Faculty AssociationThe “Me Too” clause negotiated in the last agreement between the CSUEU and CSU Management covered the period up until the end of the original contract, June 30, 2017.  CFA’s new agreement with the CSU covers fiscal years 2018/19 and 2019/20, so the clause will not be triggered.

As a reminder, all CSUEU represented staff received a 2% GSI effective June 30, 2017 as a result of the "Me Too" clause in the last contract.

For more information, here is the relevant text from our contract about the “Me Too” clause:


Send your email to the Governor on Contracting Out!

CSUEU's sponsored legislation – Senate Bill (SB) 318 and Assembly Bill (AB) 848 - is now on the Governor's desk awaiting his signature or veto.  SB 318 places restrictions on the CSU's ability to contract out our jobs, and AB 848 prohibits the CSU from contracting out our jobs to foreign countries.  It is critical that the Governor hear from every CSUEU represented employee now!

Please follow the link to send an email to Governor Brown urging his support for these two bills.


U.S Supreme Court to Hear Case Affecting Public Union Workers

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case Janus v. AFSCME and render a verdict by June 2018, if not sooner.  At a time when workers’ rights are being eroded and working families’ income keeps sliding, the Janus decision threatens to make life even bleaker for working Americans.

For decades, corporations and right-wing propagandists have tried to weaken workers where we are the strongest – standing with our unions.  They’ve tried at the ballot box (California’s Prop. 32:, and through state legislation (Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin:

Now the U.S. Supreme Court will issue a verdict to decide if public employees can opt out of paying union dues or fees in spite of the fact they are direct recipients of union benefits such as good contracts, higher wages and better benefits.

America's top 1% now controls 38.6% of the nation's wealth, a historic high, according to a recent Federal report. To preserve their winning streak, corporations are betting that if the Supreme Court rules against public unions, private-sector unions will soon unravel as well.

The data show that when workers stick together in a union, they raise wages, improve benefits, and raise standards across the workforce.  That's what the anti-worker extremists are trying to stop by filing this lawsuit. They want to divide workers, make it harder to pool our resources, and limit our collective power.

For forty years, we've seen State legislatures and Courts chip away at the right to unite. This lawsuit is another attempt to rig the system to make it harder for working people to get ahead. The CSUEU will not let any court case stand in the way of our standing together for good jobs and quality public services.

The earliest the decision will be rendered is March, and it must be made by June 30th when the session ends.  For the complete story, go to:


CSEA Foundation Receives $100,000 Annuity for Scholarships!

CSEA Foundation Inc.The CSEA Foundation is pleased to announce that it was named beneficiary of an annuity of over $100,000 dollars from the estate of Ms. Helen M. Vanderwall. This annuity has already allowed the CSEA Foundation to award $15,500 dollars in scholarships to deserving college students. We are thankful to Ms. Vanderwall for her generosity and gracious gift to the CSEA Foundation.

The CSEA Foundation is a non-profit, charitable corporation created to fund Scholarships and Disaster Grants to CSEA affiliate members, dependents, spouses and grandchildren (ACSS, CSR, CSUEU, SEIU Local 1000 and UAW).  If you or a member of your family is interested in applying for a scholarship, go to the CSEA Foundation website for more information.


Miller Wins CalPERS Board Seat; Bilbrey and Brown in Runoff

CalPERSDavid Miller was declared the unofficial winner of one of the two Member-at-Large seats up for election to the Board of Administration of the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).

In the vote for the other Member-at-Large seat, incumbent Michael Bilbrey and challenger Margaret Brown will face each other in a runoff election next month.

All results are considered unofficial until formal certification by the California Secretary of State.

Ballots for the runoff for Position B will be mailed on November 10, with voting concluding on December 11.  Remember to cast your vote!


Executive Board Nominations Process to Begin Soon

During the next week, each CSUEU Chapter President will establish a Nominations/Elections Committee at his/her campus.  Each Nominations/Elections Committee will schedule a nominations meeting, and collect nominations from the membership for each Executive Officer and Bargaining Unit Representative position at their campus.  Members may self-nominate.  The chapter nomination period is open from November 16 – December 15, 2017. 


Chancellor White’s Salary now exceeds POTUS Salary

The Board of Trustees recently voted themselves a raise of 2.5%, which makes Chancellor White’s Salary $450,000 per year, exceeding that of President of the United States by $50,000!   

Chancellor Tim White $450,000.00
President of the United States $400,000.00
Chief justice of the Supreme Court $258,100.00
Associate Supreme Court Justices $246,800.00
Vice President of the United States $230,700.00
Speaker of the House $223,500.00
House Majority & Minority Leaders $193,400.00
House/Senate Members & Delegates $174,000.00