CSUEU E-News: December 16, 2017

Ratification Process Begins!                    

RatifyTogether, we won a new contract – now it’s time for union members to vote.  The CSUEU bargaining team representatives and staff are visiting campuses to attend meetings to explain the new tentative agreement.   For more details and FAQ’s on the tentative agreement, click here:

Ballots will begin to be distributed in early January.  Only union members may vote, so if you are a fee-payer get signed up right away to receive a ballot.

Bargaining units 5 and 7 will receive both a physical ballot mailed to their home, as well as an Email ballot.  Units 2 and 9 will only receive email ballots.  It is important to note that if you receive both an email and a physical ballot that you only submit one or your vote will not be counted!

If you do not receive a ballot by January 10, please contact your Chapter President or CSUEU headquarters at 916-319-4800.

Ballots must be in by 5 pm on January 19, and then the CSU Board of Trustees is expected to ratify the agreement during the last week of January.  The new contract is effective after both sides vote.  Pay increases will be retroactive and the new pay, back-pay, and bonus will likely be processed in March by the State Controller.

Thank you all for your stupendous support during this contract campaign.  Without your action on the campus, none of this would be possible.  Our high membership means strength at the table and a fair contract!

In Memoriam

Janine LicausiJanine Licausi was a tireless champion for our rights. Her devotion to the labor movement and commitment to our union was unwavering until the very end. In spite of her illness, she worked diligently to prepare our chapter leadership team for the transition of losing her. She was one of the toughest, most ethical people any of us have ever met. It is in that spirit of strength and perseverance, and with her example of service and transparency to guide us, that we have sought to honor her legacy by continuing the fight to protect our collective rights.

Janine genuinely cared about the wellbeing of the people she represented as well as her loved ones. All of us were positively impacted by her dedication and never ending hard work. This was a painful and deeply personal loss for everyone who loved her. Many of us are still trying to navigate this loss.  

In our last visit with Janine, she asked us to convey to our chapter and her union friends statewide that the greatest thing we could do to honor her union legacy would be to show support to our CSUEU bargaining team during our then pending contract negotiations. Countless people stepped forward to honor Janine by fighting for a great contract! She would have been incredibly proud of our efforts!

Beyond all of this, Janine was a great friend—loyal, loving, and hilarious to no end. She was unyielding in her belief that everyone is deserving of respect and dignity as human beings and should be treated thusly. She was the greatest mentor many of us will ever have and we miss her dearly.  Submitted by Jennifer Moran, President at CSU Long Beach.

Christine ThomasChristine Thomas was a former historian, organizer and leader, with CSEA and CSUEU. Christine held many positions in her volunteer service to CSUEU; she was Vice President for Organizing, Policy File Chair, and Chapter 319 President for Cal Poly Pomona.  

At Cal Poly Pomona, Kris worked as a Library Assistant for over 30 years. It was in this role that I met Kris over email in 1998. Together we worked to organize Library Assistants system-wide, with the goal of having our classification reviewed and amended. Several years later, we finally met at a Statewide Unit 7 Council meeting. Christine was my first union sister and friend.

Christine went on to serve admirably as our Policy File Chair and Vice-Chair for many years. One of the great accomplishments attributed to her leadership was rewriting the language for Statewide Elections. After she retired, Kris was active with a local women’s association where she served as treasurer. She also served on the Policy File and Bylaws committee for the California State Retirees and the California State Employee Association.

Christine had many personal traits that all great leaders have:  patience, skillful listening, and witty sense of humor.

Christine will be remembered as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, grandmother, friend and activist, who made a difference in all the lives she touched.   Submitted by Joan Kennedy, Chapter 316 President and Policy File Vice Chair.

Happy Holidays from All of Us        

Holiday WishesWishing all of our members a joyous holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

Our CSUEU Mission Statement

We are a member driven union that represents, protects and empowers employees to improve their lives through solidarity.