Do Your Part to Restore Steps - Assembly to Vote Next Week


CSUEU-Sponsored Bill for Salary Steps Heads for Big Vote Next Week!

Another victory for CSUEU! One key fight CSUEU members didn't win at the bargaining table in last year's contract negotiations centered on restoring step increases for all support staff employed by the California State University System.

We vowed we wouldn't stop fighting, and we didn't. 

Bill AB 1231, legislation sponsored by the CSUEU, cleared the Assembly Appropriations Committee today. Authored by Assembly Member Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), the bill will restore 5% salary steps for all CSU support staff. It faces a full Assembly vote next week. 

Are you ready to do your part?

Our email campaign to legislators kicks off Monday. We need to make sure every Assembly member hears from CSUEU members next week. We need to educate them about the merits of the bill. And we need to tell legislators we will hold them accountable to doing what is right.

Read our Fact Sheet on AB1231

Kim Harrington, Legislative Committee Chair: "We have waited for 20 years for this moment. This is about fairness and parity. We wish to thank Dr. Weber for her determination to right an injustice that has gone on far too long. CSU is the only state agency that doesn't give support staff automatic salary increases even as they receive satisfactory performance evaluations. This bill says we are state workers, too!"