CSUEU Statewide Leadership Transition

CSUEU has a new acting president

Neil JacklinThe California State University Employees Union President, Pat Gantt, has resigned effective Jan. 12, 2018. Per the CSUEU Bylaws, Neil Jacklin, Vice President for Organizing, now serves as Acting President of CSUEU. Within 45 days a new President shall be appointed by concurrence of the Board of Directors. In June, new elections for full three-year terms will be held to fill all four Executive Officer positions of President, VP for Finance, VP for Organizing and VP for Representation.

What we must do now is chart a path for the future.

Together, we have just won a strong three-year contract with wage increases every year. This week, CSUEU members will have an opportunity to move legislation that would restore salary step increases for all represented CSU workers. AB 1231 (D-Shirley Weber), sponsored by CSUEU will be voted on this week.

We will move forward with clear purpose and strategy to improve the lives of the 15,000 employees our Union represents.