CSU Budget Misses the Mark on Staffing and Health and Safety Programs

CSU Employees Union is seeking a budget augmentation of $75 million to the 2018-19 CSU budget to protect the health and safety of our employees and students.

As the Union representing more than 15,000 CSU employees, we are seeking additional funding to address the recently documented health and safety failures of the CSU. The funding would directed to infrastructure [labs, stockrooms, etc.] as well as positions affecting biosafety, laboratories, and chemical hygiene. 

A highly critical state audit last year showed CSU lacked accountability and transparency in its budget process.

 “There is money and the CSU needs to re-invest its financial commitment to its employees and students,” Neil Jacklin, CSUEU President, said at a recent CSU Board of Trustees meeting.

Where is the money?

The CSU maintains a “SWIFT” account, originally created in 2007 to enhance earnings that would support educational programs. As part of a series of CSUEU-initiated legislative inquiries last year, it has been shown that this account had an ending balance of $3.7 billion, of which $1.9 billion was unrestricted funds.

And yet, the CSU keeps maintaining it is forced to make budget cuts year after year, with plans to increase tuition fees yet again for the coming year.

Said Jacklin: “I would suggest in an act of decency that this billion-dollar account be used to make the CSU a better-quality institution for students by alleviating tuition increases and by rewarding employees for their longevity and job performance.”

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