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SB 410 Steps Bill Would Bring Fairer Pay Structure to the CSU

Senator Connie Leyva (D-Chino) wrote an op-ed about our Steps Bill and it's a must-read!

"After more than two decades of contract negotiations and passing the buck, the CSU has proven to be an unreliable partner when it comes to addressing pay inequities.

"There is no debate as to the cause behind the human resources crisis across the CSU: The University underpays its workers. 

"University leaders claim SB 410 may lead to tuition hikes for students. That is a well-worn tactic to divide students and staff. The CSU has a $11.9 billion budget; there should be room for dialogue about how to fund the salary study without trying to make students pay a price.

"In fact, the Cal State Student Association’s position on SB410 is that it “supports efforts to rectify the systemic issues that have led to years of salary inequities for CSU staff as outlined in the Mercer study findings.”

>> Read more in the Capitol Weekly.


Union President's Rebuttal Message to the CSU

Under legislative pressure to be more accountable with state funds, the CSU opposes SB 410 (Steps Bill), falsely claiming if enacted, the legislation would force the University to increase student tuition.

CSUEU President Catherine Hutchinson released a video statement to our CSU community with a clear message: 

"The CSU is engaging in misinformation when it tells the media that paying staff decent wages will take away from students. In fact, our work literally serves students and contributes to their success.

We call on the CSU to take concrete steps to build a University where all can thrive – not just top administrators."


CSUEU | 120 K Street, 2nd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814 

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