CSUEU/CSU Contract March 20, 2012 - June 30, 2014

This contract has expired. See the current contract.



10.1 Permanent employees shall be subject to an annual performance evaluation.

10.2 Performance Evaluations should be a review of the employee's performance and should be based upon job-related criteria. Employee performance evaluations are for the purpose of evaluating individual employee performance and for providing guidance for performance development and improvement. Employee evaluations should acknowledge changes affecting the employee’s position, including workload, which have occurred since the last evaluation.

10.3 The performance evaluation of an individual with an overall performance evaluation rating of below satisfactory shall include specific information regarding the areas of concern. It is a recommended practice that the appropriate administrator counsel an employee on below satisfactory performance before it is documented in a Performance Evaluation. The substantive content and overall evaluation rating are not subject to Article 7, Grievance Procedure.

10.4 A written record of a performance evaluation shall be placed in the employee's personnel file. The employee shall be provided with a copy of the written record of the performance evaluation prior to its placement in the personnel file. Regardless of the overall performance evaluation rating scale, or other terms that a campus may use to evaluate overall performance, the campus shall use the term “satisfactory” to indicate an acceptable level of performance.

10.5 A probationary employee shall be evaluated by the end of the third (3rd), sixth (6th), and eleventh (11th) month of the probationary period, unless the employee has earlier been rejected during probation.

10.6 A temporary employee shall be evaluated at periodic intervals.

10.7 Absence of a performance evaluation will not constitute a reason for denying an MSI.

10.8 The evaluator shall submit a draft evaluation for the employee’s review, input, and discussion. Upon request, the evaluator shall provide the employee with a copy of their position description, as outlined in Article 17.9.

10.9 The employee shall be given up to five (5) work days to review the draft evaluation and provide input, if any, to the evaluator.

10.10 The evaluator shall consider input provided in the five (5) work day period in preparing the final performance evaluation, and prior to placing it in the employee’s personnel file.

10.11 Upon request of the employee or the evaluator, the evaluator and the employee shall meet to discuss the evaluation. Such a meeting shall take place within seven (7) work days of the request.

10.12 Upon request of the employee and subsequent to the meeting between the employee and the evaluator, the appropriate administrator, the evaluator, the employee, and the employee's representative, if any, shall meet to discuss the evaluation. Such a meeting shall take place within fourteen (14) work days of the request at a mutually agreeable time and location.

10.13 If an employee disagrees with the record of a performance evaluation which has been placed in his/her personnel file, the employee may submit a rebuttal statement which shall be attached to the performance evaluation. The evaluation shall be reconsidered by the appropriate administrator in light of the rebuttal statement and if the evaluation is amended, the amended evaluation shall replace the original evaluation and its rebuttal.

10.14 The term "evaluator" as used in this Article refers to the appropriate administrator or the person designated by the appropriate administrator to conduct the performance evaluation of an employee. The evaluator shall be familiar with the regular duties of the employee.

10.15 Performance evaluations shall not be subject to Article 7, Grievance Procedure, unless the grievant alleges the terms of this Agreement have been violated, misinterpreted, or misapplied.