CSUEU/CSU Contract March 20, 2012 - June 30, 2014

This contract has expired. See the current contract.



16.1 A full-time employee or part-time permanent employee may be granted a full or partial leave of absence without pay for up to one (1) year for the following purposes/reasons:

a. loan of an employee to another governmental agency;

b. family leave;

c. outside employment that would lessen the impact of a potential layoff or a layoff;

d. temporary incapacity due to illness or injury or periods of disability related to pregnancy;

e. student teaching, as required, for employees enrolled in credential programs;

f. other satisfactory reasons.

Leaves without pay granted for d. above shall also be subject to Article 15, Leaves of Absence With Pay.

16.2 A written application for a leave of absence without pay or an extension of a leave of absence without pay shall be submitted to the President. The President shall determine if such a leave shall be granted and the conditions of such a leave,and shall respond to the application within thirty (30) days.

16.3 An employee who is on a leave of absence without pay shall not return to active pay status prior to the expiration of such a leave without written approval of the President.

16.4 Service credit shall not be granted to an employee on a leave of absence without pay.

16.5 A leave so granted assures to the employee a right to return to his/her former position or a position within his/her classification upon expiration of the leave and the time lost shall not constitute a break in service.

16.6 When requested by the President, an employee granted a leave of absence without pay shall provide verification that the conditions of the leave were met.

16.7 An employee on a leave of absence without pay for more than thirty (30) days may opt to continue his/her fringe benefits at his/her own expense. Upon written request of an eligible employee as defined in Article 21, Benefits, the CSU shall provide a system for the continued payment of his/her insurance premiums including health, dental and vision benefits during the period of an unpaid leave of absence. During this period, such an employee shall pay both the employee's and the CSU's contributions. The CSU shall not advance such payments. Such an employee shall pay all contributions prior to the date each payment is due. Failure to pay such premiums will result in coverages lapsing unless the employee makes other arrangements.

16.8 Within twelve (12) months of ratification of this successor agreement each campus will have a procedure for the processing of leave of absence requests which will not be subject to bargaining under HEERA. The procedure will address only the following points:

a. The request must be submitted in writing;

b. The authorizations necessary for approval of the leave;

c. The time lines for each step of the authorization process;

d. The department that will respond to the employee on his/her request for unpaid leave of absence;

e. The deadline for a response to be given to the employee; and,

f. The procedure for the employee to request an extension of the leave or to request to return prior to the scheduled end of the leave.

16.9 The granting or denial of leaves of absence without pay pursuant to Provisions 16.1 through 16.7 shall not be subject to Article 7, Grievance Procedure.

16.10 The leave of absence of a temporary employee eligible for such leave pursuant to this Article shall terminate upon the expiration of that employee's temporary appointment.