• Events from 2017

    With bargaining for a new contract in full swing, members and staff across the state are telling us what they think a fair contract means.

  • Events from 2016

    Lobby Day, membership drive blitzes, and "Yes on Prop. 55" actions statewide

  • Events from 2015

    Featuring photos of a Feb. 13 rally at CSU Chico against bullying and for transparency.

  • Events from 2014

    2014 events, including Lobby Day, an April 4 rally at CSU East Bay, and the March Board of Directors meeting

  • Events from 2013

    Photos from Lobby Day, the Leadership Workshop, and various Chapter events.

  • Events from 2012

    Nine albums of images from Chapter events, the Day of Action, General Council, and Lobby Day.

  • Events from 2011

    Five albums with photos from a CSU Trustees meeting, Lobby Day, and rallies from various campuses.

  • Events from 2010

    Ten albums. Photos from Lobby Day, a Save Our Jobs rally, Bargaining Unit meetings, and campus events.

  • March 2010 National Day of Action

    Photos from CSU campuses across the state. National Day of Action for Public Education.

  • General Council

    Photos from the 2005 and 2009 General Council events.

  • Lobby Day 2009

    Photos from Lobby Day by various photographers

  • Rallies from 2006

    Eight albums. Lots of union activity from rallies all over the state.

  • Rallies from 2005

    Two albums: Rallies at Northridge and Monterey Bay.