BARGAINING UPDATE #3 - March 10, 2014

Discussions Include IRPs and Bullying

The bargaining team met with CSU management at Sacramento State last Tuesday through Thursday, March 4-6. 

Movement through ranges and bullying—topics that emerged as key concerns in the recent bargaining survey results—were discussed as background for future negotiating sessions. 

On Wednesday, several members gave first-hand testimony about the struggles they have faced trying to get In-Range Progressions, or IRPs. They reported that they universally found the process to be confusing, complicated, and continually changing. They described roadblocks and obstacles placed by campus HR officials, dissimilar criteria used by different campuses, and inexcusably long timelines.

On Thursday, current and former members gave testimony about the emotional, mental, and physical toll of workplace bullying, which they’ve found to be so devastating that it has driven them--or is in the process of driving them--out of the system. They described being yelled at and belittled by their supervisor, with grave impacts on their health, happiness, and productivity. One witness broke down in tears telling her story. CSUEU presented concepts for better mechanisms to address and prevent workplace bullying.

Management passed their Article 7 (Grievance Procedure), presenting conceptual ideas to speed up the grievance process and allow the parties to reach resolution more quickly, a topic that has been the subject of early table discussions.

CSUEU passed Article 5 (Union Rights), with language calling for ongoing updates of such employee information as email addresses, along with clarification of 5.11b, which deals with release time for CSU Board of Trustee meetings.

CSUEU presented conceptual points on Article 18 (Hours of Work), expressing concerns about the hardships that abrupt schedule changes cause. Other points included the excessive hours that are so often demanded of exempt employees, clean-up time, and employees being expected to work through rest and meal periods.

CSUSU Chapter 303 handled many of the meeting logistics. “Chapter 303 did a wonderful job making us feel welcome on campus,” said VP for Representation Alisandra Brewer, “hosting an enjoyable and informative ‘meet the bargaining team’ luncheon on Tuesday.”

The bargaining team will caucus at the Office of the Chancellor in Long Beach tomorrow through Thursday, March 11-13. Future bargaining dates have been scheduled through June as follows:

  • April 2-4 CSU East Bay
  • April 15-17 Office of the Chancellor
  • May 6-8 CSU San Jose
  • June 10-12 CSU Dominguez Hills
  • June 23-25 Office of the Chancellor

If meetings are scheduled at your campus, be on the lookout for information from your chapter identifying meeting times and locations.

Stay tuned, stay active, and take a stand!

# # #