Bargaining Update, Sept. 9, 2017

Bargaining Stalled in San Jose- AGAIN!

We had two bargaining sessions with CSU management this week (Sept. 6-7) and it’s pretty clear management at the moment is unprepared – or unwilling – to finalize the remaining big-ticket items that will bring CSUEU members a fair and decent contract.

Our Bargaining Team is extremely frustrated that the CSU administration has been slow to produce requested information – which we are legally entitled to - or to respond to proposals. Our members want a decent contract that will provide us some consistent movement through the pay range, and some pay increases!  We have not forgotten the “lean” years where we went for several cycles with no raises, furloughs and layoffs!

When we next meet to bargain on Monday (Sept. 11), it will have been 12 days since we made our economic proposal and management has not even countered. CSU’s chief negotiator seems to have finished the script he was given and is waiting for additional pages from the Chancellor’s Office.

Still … Some Progress Was Made

We did manage to reach “Tentatively Agreement” [TA] on two articles of our contract dealing with hours of work and health and safety where we modernized language around health and safety committees.

We are close to reaching a TA on performance evaluation which would remove an unnecessary middle person and require more involvement from the appropriate administrator.

We are also close to reaching a TA on overtime. There is currently a requirement for informal adjustment in hours on call-back for exempt employees; we want protections from unreasonable call-back work for all employees.

Where’s the Money?

As noted earlier, we last made an economic proposal on Aug. 30. Management has not countered.

However, if we keep up with the public pressure and legislative scrutiny, management won’t be able to hide for long. Read about our efforts to hold CSU management accountable to its students and front-line workforce: EUREKA! CSU HOLDS OUTSIDE ACCOUNTS

Remember: We win when we mobilize!

Visit to see how our member activists at SJSU kept the spotlight on our fight for a fair contract this week.

And make sure to check your email for important updates – and action you can take - on two key bills in Sacramento to prevent outsourcing of middle class jobs: AB 848 (McCarty) and SB 318 (Portantino).

Next Key Dates

  • Sept. 11-12: Bargaining in Long Beach at the Chancellor’s Office.
  • Sept. 19-20: CSU Board of Trustees meeting, live-streamed online. CSUEU will be there!