Backed by 2,300 members, Bargaining Team Confronts CSU Board of Trustees

POP QUIZ: Can you guess the author of this quote? (Answer at bottom.)
“Try to have a focus on the needs of others and not yourself.”

Our contract has been extended to October 20, with bargaining to resume in San Jose on October 18 and 19.

Speaking with “One Union, One Voice,” more than 2,300 CSUEU members flooded the in-boxes of the Chancellor and vice chancellors to demand fairness for those who staff the front lines and support our students across 23 university campuses.

The week-long online action was a strong show of support for our bargaining team members as they confronted the Board of Trustees in Long Beach to challenge management’s lack of transparency and accountability to CSU students and the front-line employees that provide essential services to the CSU.

The Board went ahead and approved a 2.5% salary increase for executive personnel. The decision was widely mocked by several CSU labor organizations present who “congratulated” the executives for their raise but questioned why the board was not offering the same or better to rank-and-file workers.

Since the trustees refused to hold the collective bargaining committee in open session, Union members that wished to address the board on the status of negotiations were forced to make their remarks during committee meetings on the audit, finance and other topics.

Kudos to our members for the online activism, if you didn’t have a chance to send your email, it’s not too late! Go to and send your message today.

Every single voice matters and builds on the next. Ask Rich McGee, bargaining team member and programmer at CSU San Bernardino, whose speech before the board was picked up by the L.A. Times: “Please invest in your … staff, the people that keep the lights on. You need us, and the students depend on us.”

Read the article here: Cal State trustees approve raises for top executives

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Oh… and if you couldn’t guess …the quote: “Try to have a focus on the needs of others and not yourself”?

Answer: Chancellor Tim White, as featured in the September 2017 Southwest magazine. His new salary will be: $450,345.00.