CSUEU Statement on CFA Agreement

We congratulate the California Faculty Association (CFA) for securing a Tentative Agreement that will bring its membership well-deserved raises for fiscal years 2018-2020 (3.5% and 2.5% for Years 1 and 2). CFA members provide vital services for students and it's only right that management agreed to a two-year contract with terms beneficial for both faculty and the CSU.

The CFA wage increase follows a salary bump (2.5%) management gave itself last week without too much struggle or deliberation by the CSU Board of Trustees.

The question now becomes: Is management finally ready to come to the table and bargain in good faith with its second-largest workforce? 

CSU Employees Union staff are often the first contact students make upon entering as freshmen, and we usually are the last ones with them while they’re studying in the library.

It is time for management to show it respects and values the work we do - not with just words, but with a fair contract!

Our next bargaining dates are Oct. 18-19 in San Jose. After 10 months of talks, we expect the CSU negotiating team to come ready with a serious offer for our members.