Summary of the Tentative Agreement

Summary of Changes

Article 1 - Recognition: No change.

Article 2 - Definitions: No change.

Article 3 - Management Rights: No change.

Article 4 - Effect of Agreement: No change.

Article 5 - Union Rights: Created seven (7) working day timeline to submit requests for release time for most sections. Clarification that release time under the agreement is only for BU 2, 5, 7 and 9 employees. Negotiations must occur within 30 days of ratification regarding implementation of a new employee orientation law (AB 119).

Article 6 - Concerted Activities: No change.

Article 7 - Grievance Procedure: Removed requirement to confirm date of receipt on email transmission. Updated term immediate non-bargaining unit supervisor to Appropriate Administrator. Removed requirement for grievant to disclose settlement proposals made at  Level I, when the Level II grievance is filed.

Updated procedure for requesting release time for grievance processing to include written notifications to the Appropriate Administrator & new timelines for responding to release time requests. Updated release time language for State Personnel Board hearings to include the employee returning to campus after hearing, if the employee can reasonably return to work one hour or more before the end of their shift. Added twice per year reconciliation of grievance status between the CSU and CSUEU.

Article 8 - Complaint Procedure: Changes made to mirror Article 7 (Grievance Procedure).

Article 9 -  Employee Status: Modernized language on job postings. Added new posting requirements for preferred qualifications (when applicable) and targeted salary range (if any). Require desirable experience, preferred qualifications and specialized skills to be related to the classification and duties of the position. Interviews must be granted for employees who meet minimum requirements. New requirement for position description to be attached to appointment letter. Removed language regarding prisoner and work relief programs. Intermittent employee hour cap changed from a twelve (12) month period to fiscal year.

Article 10 - Employee Performance: Temporary employees with twelve (12) month appointments must receive a performance evaluation at least once. Performance evaluations must now be based on job-related criteria. It is now the normal practice, rather than recommended, that an Appropriate Administrator counsel an employee on below satisfactory performance when the concern is identified and before it is documented in an evaluation. The Appropriate Administrator may request an evaluator draft a performance evaluation, however only the Appropriate Administrator can provide that evaluation to an employee. All other duties of the evaluator are shifted to the Appropriate Administrator. Increased time to review draft evaluation to ten (10) days. CSU and CSUEU will meet within 90 days of ratification to negotiate the introduction of a systemwide evaluation form and written guidance on procedures. Forms will include metrics and scales that will be clearly defined and achievable.

Article 11 - Personnel File: No change.

Article 12 - Corrective Action: Clarified President's response timeline for the appeal of a written reprimand. Clarified that request to remove reprimands are made in writing to the Human Resources Office.

Article 13 - Resignations: No change

Article 14 - Vacation & Holidays: Vacation accrual issues for Cruise Employees to be dealt with in upcoming negotiations over terms and conditions of Cruise Employees (see Article 26 - Cruise Employees). Increased vacation maximum carryover to 320 hours for employees with ten (10) years or less service, and 440 hours for employees with more than ten (10) years of service. Improved vacation language to allow for requests with less than thirty (30) days notice. Requests of less than thirty (30) day's notice cannot be grounds for denying the request. Immediate vacation request can be made orally, and later documented in writing. Employees on a compressed or alternate work schedule who receive an alternative day off as a result of the holiday must use this day on the next scheduled work day, subject to operational need.

Article 15 - Leaves of Absences (LOA) with Pay: Removed the word "funeral" from bereavement leave, as a funeral is not required for such leave. Clarified that in order for employees to be eligible for parental leave, the employee must be employed with the CSU prior to the birth or placement of the child. No substantive changes.

Article 16 - Leaves of Absences (LOA) without Pay: No change.

Article 17 - Assignment / Reassignment: 'Clarified that employee's duties and responsibilities must be consistent with the classification standards assigned to the employee's position. Clarified the process for classification studies and the scope of classification bargaining.

Article 18 - Hours of Work: Developed a new process for an employee to move to a compressed or alternate work schedule, when there is not mutual agreement. Clarified that unpaid meal periods are only required for employees who work five (5) hours or more. Interrupted rest periods must now be rescheduled. The parties will bargain over issues related to the Athletic Trainer classification within 90 days of ratification.

Article 19 - Overtime: For exempt employees who are called back to work, the Appropriate Administrator must now authorize informal adjustment of work hours. On-Call assignments must not be unreasonably assigned.

Article 20 - Salary: Guaranteed salary increases with no contingency based on state funding levels. 3% General Salary Increase (GSI) retroactive to July 1, 2017 for all employees in active pay status, or on leave, as of that date. All classification minimums will be retroactively increased to at least $15/hour as of July 1, 2017. 3% GSI effective July 1, 2018. 3% GSI effective July 1, 2019. The maximum of the salary range increases with each GSI, but the minimum of the salary range is frozen. A $650 one-time recognition bonus will be paid to each employee in active pay status, or on leave, as of the date of ratification. Payments prorated for those less than full-time. Shift differential increased to $1.35 and $2.30 per hour, depending on shift.

A red circle rate must now be granted when an employee is demoted for medical reason or disability accommodation. A working group will be formed to review salary structure issues.

Article 21 - Benefits: No changes to health care, vision, dental, retirement or any other program. No change to the Rural Health Care Stipend.  No parking increases for the life of the agreement.  

Increase on retiree health care vesting to ten (10) years of service for those who are hired on, or after, July 1, 2018 and become members of CalPERS on, or after, July 1, 2018. No change on pension vesting.

Article 22 - Professional Development: No change.

Article 23 - Health and Safety: When the Union makes a recommendation or suggestion regarding health and safety, the Union must receive a written response. Clarified health and safety committee campus structure and topics. CSU must provide all relevant health and safety documents to the Union.

Article 24 - Layoff: No change.

Article 25 - Non-Discrimination: No change.

Article 26 - Cruise Employees: No changes to this article at this time. Parties agree to bargain over terms and conditions of employment for employees assigned to a cruise schedule at CSU Maritime Academy within 60 days of ratification.

Article 27 - Labor Management Committee (LMC): No change.

Article 28 - Family and Medical Leave: No change.

Article 29 - Duration & Implementation: Three year agreement ending June 30, 2020. Added citation to the Government Code.