Tuition Hike is Dropped After CSU Employees Union Shows Legislators Where the Money Is

Breaking News: Chancellor White abandons plans for tuition fee hike

CSU Budget Misses the Mark on Staffing and Health and Safety Programs

April news digest from the CSUEU

Letter Writing Campaign Begins For CSU Employee Salary Steps

Get involved to get our STEPS!

Paycheck Update

The Collective Bargaining Agreement was fully ratified January 31, 2018, and is now in full effect. The Chancellor's Office is working with the State Controller's Office (SCO) to issue the pay and change employee pay rates.
#WeRise - 2.26.18 National Day of Action

#WeRise - 2.26.18 National Day of Action

CSUEU Call to Action

Why Janus v. AFSCME is “an attack on all workers” By Marshall Elliott (CSUEU Chico State Chapter President). Organized labor’s struggle to protect workers’ rights has been long-fought in this country and it continues today. On Feb. 26, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case of Janus v. AFSCME. But the real goal of the lawsuit is to weaken workers’ ability to gain strength in numbers. A living wage, medical benefits, paid sick time and vacation are all in the crosshairs of the rich and powerful. This is an attack on all workers.

Schedule of Chapter Ratification Meetings

List of chapter ratification meetings

Auditor releases highly critical audit of the CSU

State Auditor releases highly critical audit of the CSU, sponsored by CSUEU.
Survey Results: Open vs. Closed Campus President Searches

Survey Results: Open vs. Closed Campus President Searches

April 20, 2016 -- CSUEU surveyed 1,633 respondents—including 882 CSU staff members—between last December and the beginning of this month, asking if CSU campus presidential searches should be open or closed, and how critical an issue this is. The results show that respondents across the entire CSU community overwhelmingly support an open CSU process for presidential searches.

Don't Turn Over CSU Spots to Out-of-State Students

As the CSU and UC systems grapple with persistent underfunding, administrators are increasingly using out-of-state students and their high tuition fees to underwrite expenses. But California's students deserve spots in the CSU and UC system over out-of-state students, according to this opinion piece in the March 20 edition of Capitol Weekly.