Why Membership Matters

Membership makes our union stronger - and numbers matter. 

Top Reasons to Be a Member

  • Power and Solidarity: There is power in numbers! The more members we have, the more power we have to win better wages, benefits, and working conditions.
  • Voting Rights: The right to vote on statewide and local union elections, including your contract.
  • Representation: Representation for disciplinary as well as contractual issues.  Assistance with work-related issues not covered by the contract.
  • Education Assistance:  Through the California State Employees Association (CSEA), union members are eligible for a variety of education assistance programs, including grants, scholarships, and reimbursements.
  • Insurance: CSEA offers a multitude of low-fee insurance programs, including renter's, auto, travel, life, disability, cancer, and pet insurance to name a few.
  • Discounts: Through CSEA, union members are eligible for discounts to movies, theme parks, water parks, and more! Includes purchasing of furniture, electronics, fitness equipment, and vacation packages.
  • Death Benefit: Death benefit to your family ranging from $1,000 to $3,000
  • Political Advocacy: Goal of supporting candidates who value CSU employees and who work to defeat measures that threaten our interests.
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