CSUEU/CSU Contract March 20, 2012 - June 30, 2014

This contract has expired. See the current contract.


February 8, 2007

Mr. Teven Laxer
Sr. Labor Relations Representative
California State University Employees Union
1129 10th Street
Sacramento, California 95814

Re: Implementation of Grievance Procedure Contract Changes

Dear Laxer:

This is to document our discussion regarding implementation of the negotiated changes to the Grievance Procedure in Article 7 and the Complaint Procedure in Article 8 of the 2007-2009 Agreement. We are in agreement that all grievances and complaints after January 16, 2007will be using the new steps of the grievance procedure or, in the case of complaints, the complaint procedure. Grievances filed January 16, 2007or earlier will be processed under the terms of the 2002-2006 contract.

We are in agreement, though, that any grievance not yet scheduled for arbitration, whether filed under the old or new contract may, if both parties agree, be scheduled under the Med-Arb Procedure (Sections 7.32 through 7.34). And, any complaint not yet heard at Level III may, if both parties agree, be scheduled under the Mediation Procedure (Section 8.21).

If you are in agreement, please sign below. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in resolving this question.

[Signatures Omitted]