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                                                      Special Thanks to Donna Melendez for twenty years of service to Chapter 311 as a steward and Chapter Secretary. Congratulations on your retirement, Donna! We will miss you!! 

Special Thanks to Donna Melendez for

twenty years of service to Chapter 311

as a steward and Chapter Secretary.

Congratulations on your retirement, Donna! 



June 26, 2019

To all our CSUEU Chapter 311 Members,

Today, I officially accepted the position of President for CSUEU Chapter 311, Los Angeles. 

For those of you who don't know me, I started working for Cal State LA in November 2008. Before I came to Cal State LA, I worked full time for Cal State Fullerton and UC Riverside before that. I have also worked part-time for Santa Monica College, UCLA, and El Camino College. I have been a union member for more than 16 years working as a staff member for public universities in Southern CA. I became more active with Chapter 311 a couple of years ago and I have found that volunteering for the union is very fulfilling.

I feel a heartwarming pride to be provided with this opportunity to represent our Chapter at CSUEU Headquarters in Sacramento.

Our Chapter is strong. Not only because of the number of members we have, but more importantly because our Chapter is filled with members who are talented, smart, and dedicated. I hope you feel proud to be a member of our Chapter!

I promise to do my best in this position. I want to ensure that our Chapter's needs and concerns are taken care of as expediently and smoothly as possible.

As the Chapter President, I will strive to keep the greater good of our Chapter, and its members, at the forefront of our activity at all times.

Please reach out if you have any questions, or concerns. If you would like to start working with your Chapter in any capacity then I would love to hear from you.

In Solidarity,

Kim Neal



Chapter 311 President Kenneth Castillo Resignation and Leave of Abscence

To all our CSUEU Chapter 311 Members,

I am writing to let you know that starting July 1st I will be taking a one year leave of absence from Cal State L.A. and will be resigning my position of Chapter 311 President on Friday June 28th.  Fortunately this decision has nothing to do with health issues, but it has everything to do with putting family first and that’s why I am grateful that our Chapter 311 family is stronger together.  As I take a leave our chapter will have a new President in Kim Neal.  Working with Kim I have seen her passion for doing what’s right and caring about our campus community and this part of her character already makes her a great leader.  So I have nothing but positive hope for Kim and cannot wait to be led by her when I return.

The job of a President has not been easy and is nothing without an amazing E-board.  Chapter 311 definitely has an E-board that has done an amazing job in helping guide and make the right decisions for our chapter.  I am extremely proud of the growth of our E-Board and I want to thank them for helping us succeed and for uplifting me when I most needed it.  I am also happy to report that our chapter has five new stewards who I cannot wait to see how much they will grow in the next coming year. 

This brings me to the same message I always give membership, being involve in our union is something we volunteer to do because we love our campus community.  We do this because we believe in our contract.  We believe that being fair and respectful makes our community a better place to work and if you are interested in becoming active or being certified as a steward please do not hesitate to reach out and get involved because the help is always needed and the growth benefits our chapter.  I will see you all July 2020 just in time for our new contract negotiations.  In Unity there is Strength.




     This past May 6th & 7th CSUEU along with APC members met with California legislators for Lobby Day 2019.  The message delivered was simply asking our state representatives to “Step It Up” and support AB-369, which would reinstate the 5% step raises that the CSU took away over 20 years ago.  We continue to be the only state entity that has no form of adequate upward mobility.  The Chapter 311 officials who went to Lobby Day to represent us are Unit 2 Rep Lisa Bush, Unit 5 Rep Richard Valenzuela, Unit 9 Steward Guadalupe Moreno, and Unit 9 Rep and Legislative Committee Member Brenda Aguilar.  
    All 24 CSUEU chapters were able to visit 120 legislators while our chapter representatives were able to lobby the offices of 22nd District State Senator Susan Rubio (San Gabriel Valley), 48th District Assembly Member Blanca Rubio (San Gabriel Valley), 50th District Assembly Member Richard Bloom (Malibu, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica), 51st District Assembly Member and Cal State L.A. Alumni Wendy Carillo (East L.A), 57th District Assembly Member Ian Calderon (Norwalk, Whittier, La Puente),  59th District Assembly Member Reginald Jones-Sawyer (South LA, Huntington Park), 58th District Assembly Member Cristina Garcia (Downey, Cerritos, Bell Gardens), and California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis.  
    I want to thank our chapter lobby day representatives for the hard work and commitment that they made this week.  Thank you also for delivering the letters we wrote and for being the voice of membership when meeting our legislatures. I would also like to ask membership to go on Facebook or Twitter and thank these legislators who meet with us.  Thank them on behalf of CSUEU Chapter 311 – Los Angeles for listening to us and to support AB-369 and hashtag them #AB369, #StepitUP, #CSUEU, and #APC.


District 79 (San Diego) Assembly Member Shirley Weber AB-369 Hearing



     On behalf of Chapter 311- L.A. Leadership it was an honor to represent our chapter staff in our meeting with California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis. We spoke to her about how passionate staff is to the success of every campus while assisting the student in their academic goals. As chapter leaders, we believe that the Campus is our community and the students we serve are fundamental to the success of Californias future.
     We wanted her to know that staff passion and dedication comes with alarming concerns. Concerns such as the problematic effect that an increase in enrollment has had with our staff. Problems that have led to an escalation in employees workload. A workload that has had some staff working in multiple positions and out of classification. To health and safety issues that have affected staffs working environment, and also the lack of upward mobility for long term staff that has been dedicated and passionate about our campus community.
     The meeting with Lieutenant Governor Kounalakis was very encouraging and on behalf of Chapter 311 - Los Angeles we would like to thank her for the opportunity to meet with her.

Click for more information

AB 369 the Union Steps Bill Gets a Reboot

In 2018 Governor Jerry Brown vetoed of Merit-based salary increase was only a temporary setback for CSU Staff.  In a new year with a new Governor, we have a new opportunity. CSUEU along with Assembly Woman Dr. Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) and co-sponsors SEIU State Council and The Teamsters have reintroduced the New AB-369 Union steps bill. 

The CSU support staff are the only state employees who do not receive salary steps. The merit-based salary increase was taken away by the CSU in 1996, and since then the CSU has refused to negotiate salary steps. Over the past two decades, the workers who oversee the function and operations of the CSU haven't earned a fair and equitable wage even as the CSU continues to profit. AB-369 will restore an annual 5% salary step for CSU support staff with a satisfactory performance evaluation.

With more than a dozen new legislators elected in November, we now begin our grassroots effort to reach out and educate every Assemblymember over the next few weeks.  Assemblymembers need to know the unfairness and facts that drives AB 369. So it's time to join the New AB-369 letter-writing campaign to restore salary steps by writing your letter to your State Assembly. 

Every Letter Counts!!!


Survey Finds Serious Health and Safety Issues for Workers During Campus Closures


Two wildfires struck Northern and Southern California nearly the same time last November. In addition to an unprecedented death toll from the Paradise Fire near Chico and thousands of homes destroyed, the wildfires darkened the sky in both regions for days. Multiple counties, from Ventura to Sacramento, reported Air Quality Index values ranging from “very unhealthy” (serious health effects) to “hazardous” (emergency conditions) for at least a week during the fires’ peak.

This was the second time in two years that CSU campuses have shut down or were evacuated due to a natural disaster even as a group of employees were identified as “essential” and expected to work. And yet it remains unclear what criteria and guidelines CSU administrators use – in times of crises - to identify “essential” personnel and what safety precautions are in place to ensure workers’ health and well-being are not jeopardized.

We received nearly 500 responses to a survey distributed last month to assess how campus closures affected CSUEU represented support staff who were deemed “essential” and required to work.

Seven of nine campuses that were closed participated in the survey: Sonoma, Sacramento, East Bay, Maritime Academy, San Jose, Stanislaus, and Channel Islands. Of the respondents, 100 reported they were required to work, with 38% working in Unit 9 (Technical Support), 33% in Unit 7 (Administrative), 18% in Unit 2 (Health) and 11% in Unit 5 (Operations).

Among symptoms reported by workers were swollen eyes, constant headaches, coughing, migraines, allergies, and others. Click here for key survey findings, which will be shared in the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting.

 “Thank you to all who took the time to complete this important survey. From the responses received, there are serious questions and concerns our Union has which we need Management to address,” said Rocky Sanchez, Vice President for Representation. “Our overall goal is to improve the process for the next time, which unfortunately will come when disaster strikes and Management has to decide what staffing levels are needed and where. We need to ensure that safety protocols are widely understood, and plans have been thought through and not made in the middle of an emergency.”

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"Our Movement is of the working people, for the working people, by the working people." - Samuel Gompers

Chapter 311 Leadership

Chapter 311 President:  Kim Neal

  • 323-221-1020

Vice President:  Kenneth Castillo

  • 323-343-5818

Treasurer:  Lupe Moreno 

  • 323-343-6139

Organizing Chair: Robert Morehead

  • 323-343-3493

Secretary: Vacant



Unit Representatives

Chief Steward:  Vacant

  • Please contact VP

Unit 2 Representative:  Lisa Bush

  • 323-343-3319

Unit 5 Representative:  Richard Valenzuela

  • 323-343-3468

Unit 7 Representative:  Bernard Kane

  • 323-343-2694

Unit 9 Representative:  Vacant



Unit 5 Steward:  Andres Magdelano


Unit 7 Steward:  Oliver Bahman

  • 323-343-3793

Unit 7 Steward:  Robert Moorhead

  • 323-343-3493

Unit 7 Steward: Blanca Nolasco

  • 323-343-3448

Unit 7 Steward:  Tracy Gamble

  • 323-343-4230

Unit 9 Steward:  Elia Amaro-Hernandez

  • 323-343-3798

Unit 9 Steward:  Kenneth Castillo (on a leave of absence until July 2020)

  • 323-343-5818

Unit 9 Steward:  Gilbert Garcia

  • 323-343-2087

Unit 9 Steward:  Lupe Moreno

  • 323-343-6139

Unit 9 Steward: Jose Amenero

  • 323-343-3138


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