CFA, CSU Reach Tentative Agreement


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Sacramento Bee:  How the $15 minimum wage will affect California state workers


The State Worker  Jon Ortiz chronicles civil-service life for California state workers at the Sacramento Bee.  You can subscribe to the Sacramento Bee online.  


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Representation:  The California State University Employee's Union is a union of democracy.  The union is made up of employees, such as yourself, that work hard every day at each of the 23 CSU campuses, the CSU Chancellor's Office, the California State Legislature, and the CA State Governor's Office.  Only members can vote on union matters and choose who will represent them.  Exercise your right! 

Job and Salary Protection: The union has saved countless jobs in the CSU system from layoffs and outsourcing.  The union works with the CSU to create our contract.  The union fights to give us higher annaul raises, better working conditions and other benefits.  The union helps union members with grievances. The union works hard to protect our rights.  

Stronger Voice:  Create a stronger voice for the CSU staff, join thousands of your CSU colleagues, and become a member of the union today.  Remember, the Governor, Legislature, and Chancellor's Office listen to numbers.  The more numbers we have the stronger our voice.

If your pay stub lists FS-CSEA, then you are only paying fair share fees and are not currently a member of the union.  By joining the union you agree to pay only .009% more than your fair share fees.  Click here to calculate your union dues to be a full member of the union.  Isn't the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee worth the benefits of joining the union?  

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