Library Services Specialist Implementation Finalized

June 2, 2011

After eight long years, CSUEU and CSU have finally agreed on the implementation of the Library Services Specialist (LSS) Classification. In 2009, in recognition of the CSU’s budget woes, CSUEU proposed and the CSU agreed to place the implementation of the LSS classification series in abeyance until July 1, 2011. CSUEU hoped that the state budget situation would improve by then and we would be able to talk about appropriately compensating LSSs. Unfortunately, the budget situation has not improved and may even be worsening. CSUEU felt the best course of action was not to delay any further and to move forward with the implementation of this series.

A process has been established to move incumbent Library Assistants (LAs) into the new classification. Lead LAs will have the option of moving to the new series as well. The new LSS Classification will be implemented effective July 1, 2011. But, that doesn’t mean an automatic “conversion” to the new series. Read on.

  • Effective with the July 1, 2011 pay period, all newly hired LSSs shall be hired into the appropriate Unit 9 LSS classifications and will follow the existing provisions of the CSUEU agreement.
  • By August 6, 2011, the CSU shall develop training on the LSS classification series, which shall be presented to campus classifiers by November 6, 2011.
  • Reviews of LSS position descriptions, classification placement, and classification appeals will only be performed by classifiers trained under this program. As you will see from reading the next few bullets, it is very important to have an updated position description.
  • If the position description of an incumbent LA has not been updated within the last year, the employee and administrator have 90 days to update the position description and try to reach agreement on the appropriate classification for the employee.
  • If the position description was completed between May 2010 and May 2011, the employee and the administrator shall have 90 days to review the position description to determine if they are still in agreement that the position description is accurate and try to reach agreement on the appropriate classification for the employee.
  • If the LA and manager do not agree on the proposed classification, each shall submit a memo to Human Resources (HR) with the LSS classification he/she is proposing and the basis of their proposal.
  • Based upon the documents presented, HR shall conduct a position classification review, and if they determine it necessary, a desk audit will be conducted. The CSU shall consider an employee’s job duties, skills, experience and educational background to determine his/her placement in the appropriate LSS classification.
  • Any appeal of the classification decision must be made by the employee and submitted to HR within 30 days of receipt of the classification decision. Appeals will be completed within 180 days of HR receiving the request. Any reclassification resulting from an appeal will be retroactive to May 2011.
  • If neither the LA nor the manager submits a request for reclassification by May 6, 2012, HR shall determine the LA’s appropriate LSS classification in accordance with the following Road Map:

Library Assistant I (2906)  Library Services Specialist, Level I
Library Assistant II (2905)  Library Services Specialist, Level II
Library Assistant III (2907)  Library Services Specialist, Level III
Library Assistant IV (2908)  Library Services Specialist, Level IV

Conversion of Incumbent Unit 4 Lead LAs into the LSS classification

  • Employees in Lead LA classifications in Unit 4 will not be automatically converted into the LSS classifications. These employees will be grandfathered in their existing classifications unless the individual employees elect to be converted into the appropriate LSS classifications /skill level. Those Incumbent Lead LAs shall have, at their option, the right to be converted to the appropriate LSS classification at any time, upon sixty days notice to the CSU.
  • Lead LAs may request to be converted to the LSS classification as follows:

Lead LA II (2895)*  Library Services Specialist, Level II
Lead LA III (2896)*  Library Services Specialist, Level III
Lead LA IV(2891)*  Library Services Specialist, Level IV

  • After being converted to a LSS classification, employees who believe they are not appropriately classified may request a classification review in accordance with the CSUEU-CSU collective bargaining agreement. The CSU shall consider an employee’s job duties, skills, experience and educational background to determine his/her placement in the appropriate LSS classification. Campuses shall conduct classification reviews within 120 days of the submission of the position description. The reclassification will be effective the first day of the following pay period after the written notice is received in HR.
  • Those Lead LAs who elect to be converted into Unit 9 shall not suffer any loss of base salary. However, each employee’s base salary shall be within the salary range of the appropriate LSS classification and shall not exceed the salary range maximum.

For more details, read the entire LSS Implementation Agreement, flow charts demonstrating the process of moving from LA/Lead LA to LSS; the LSS Classification and Qualification Standards, and the LSS Salary Schedule. In addition, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are being written and will be published soon.