Executive Board

Terri Mansour

Jessyka Dalton
Vice President & Chief Steward

Cheryl Peckham

Kellen Smith

James Jagelewski
BU 5 Representative

Christine Patton
BU 7 Representative

Khatira Tarvirdian
BU 9 Representative 

Patrick Tafoya
Organizing Chair

We have the following vacancies:

  • Steward

If you are interested, please contact Terri Mansour.

Name of Steward Department Location Ext.
Rosario Cuevas Extended University Sage Hall 2117 X8570
Jessyka Dalton Arts & Sciences Support Aliso Hall - 103 X2779
Jonathan Freking Student Systems Sage Hall - 1057 X3671
Catherine Hutchinson Biology/Natural Sciences Aliso Hall - 106 X8403
Robert Inglis Transportation and Parking Placer Hall X8432
Terri Mansour Library Broome - 1532 X8931
Ricky Medrano Facilities Services Ironwood Hall  
Theresa Olivo Fiscal Services Lindero Hall - 1814 X8479
Cheryl Peckham Student Business Services Sage Hall - 143 X3186
Christine Patton Student Business Services Sage Hall - 143 X3717
Leticia Romero Student Business Services Sage Hall - 143 X8533
Kellen Smith Student Systems Sage Hall - 1157 X3157
Evelyn Taylor Library Broome - 1680 X8830

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Chapter 324 has a Communications Committee. If you want to be involved in how we communicate with the membership, let us know!

Contact Jessyka Dalton.

Bargaining Unit Updates

BUs 5, 7, & 9 held an IRP workshop in March 2016. A reclassification workshop is coming up. Keep an eye out for the email with date/time/location.

Organizing Updates

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