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Welcome to Chapter 308!
Welcome to Chapter 308!

Upcoming Meetings

*Check your email for invites*
Executive Committee

October 7, 2020 @ Noon via Zoom
Organizing Committee
Stewards Council
Quarterly Meeting
December 11, 2020, Location, Time TBA

CSUEU Leaves Q&A, September 17, 2020 @10am via Zoom

News for Chapter 308 Stan State

*Please take advantage of upcoming workshops focused on IRPs and performance evaluations. Please share any feedback/questions regarding these workshops with your Executive Board.
Also, Meet Your Steward activities are being planned.  
*Look for future information on tabling events.  Thank you to those members who volunteered to help with these events.  The more help we receive from our chapter members, the more we can do for those we represent. YoU are the Union!

Stewards Recertification - Stewards who were previously certified under the 2014-2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement have been recertified under the newest CBA.  Through the efforts of Dawn McCulley our chief steward, Chapter 308 had one of the highest rates of steward recertification among the CSUs!

Chapter Activity

Union Accomplishments
Classification and reclassification
Professional development
Know Your Rights workshops
Recommit Drive
Limited parking increases
Performance Evaluation Workshops
CSUEU/HR IRP Workshops